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Hallo, ich bin über Google auf diese Seite gestossen und schaue gerne wieder vorbei. Bis dahin lasse ich liebe Grüße da.Macht weiter so

Dieter P.

Tolle Homepage und genialer Aufbau, gefällt mir sehr gut!!
Vielleicht schauen sie mal auf meiner Homepage vorbei!
Schöne Grüße aus Bayern


oh these are so CUTE!

Michele Kribs

I see you have a book out!!! lord how I missed this one. Do you by chance have any left for sale

I love your work & am happy to purchase these patterns from you


I don't understand the cluster stitch. Also, I'm assuming that where it says "dc" it should read "sc." Any explanation would be appreciated!

louboutin heels

t's "body rounds 6-11." You just don't need that many rounds. My little guy is all tummy! Too tall tummy!

oil paintings

You gave great points here. I did some research on the subject and have found nearly all people agree with your blog.


I love it! One question though. Is the crochet squirrel a pattern or finished piece.

African woman

I Love the Chameleon, but the others are coll too?
For me it's little art.

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This is a lovely pattern every time I see a frog it reminds me of friend I lost a few years ago. I still make of pick up frogs because of him. Thanks.

Bob Jain

Thank you for sharing the instruction. My daughter loves knitting.


Love your work So cute! I want to let you know that has your toads posted and the directions are somewhat different. I had to persevere and find your blog to finish my little guy. So glad now though because I see a lot more fun work to do!

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I tried a few things and ended up doing a 5 sc cluster. That is-after you *chain 4 put your hook through the chain closest to the leg and draw up a loop. **yarn over and go through one loop, 5 times. then yarn over and go through all the loops on your hook slip stitch in the same stitch where you chained 4, then chain 4 again and do the cluster again twice. If you slip sticth in the right place your toes should be facing the same way as you see in the picture.

Irma contreras

Can any one help on the toad (or frog) I already did the top and the belly cone shape is that how suppose to be CONE shape? white belly is longer how do I put this together ??.
Please help......!!!..

Noelle Lewis

These are adorable, thanks for the pattern! I think they would make great little coin purses if you sewed in a zipper for the mouth! I'm confused about the toes though, can't figure out the cluster stitch!

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