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You're simply brilliant! And generous! Thank you for your wonderful patterns. They make my nephews clamor for more. Sigh, so little time, so many projects! :)


Must. make. TOADS! love them! thank you!


The Toads Are Coming!!! There will be an army to contend with! BEWARE~


just wanted to let you know that i've posted this pattern on the daily chum.

i justm ight make these for the whole neighborhood myself!


Your work is amazing! I love all these little guys. Great job!


Love this frog, what row do you start the white part of the frog?

carla pando

the work on this site is fabulous.. Ive been collecting them now for awhile.. I must say you havean alligator.. how did I manage to miss the pattern on him.. I would love to have him very much.. the kidslove them.. Most of my work end up in doctors office..the hospital inemerg . To give to the kids .. to give them a lift..I must saytho my work isnt any comparrison tho.,. but i do try..


Those are adorable!


hi im trying to understand what you mean with cluster stitch 5 i have tried to look it up on youtube but everyone does it differently... please help me a little its hard also because im not so good at english :)


Round 5: 3 sc, then 2 *dc* in next st. Assuming the dc is a typo? Should be sc?


Ah, never mind. It's right, I get it. :)

Joe Wilson

Is thre a way to get this pattern other than with the pdf download? My adobe is version 9 and it will not open it for me :(
I want to make this for my grandmother, she loves frogs.
My email is: [email protected] if anyone is able to send it via email.
Thank you so very much for any help,


I don't get the cluster stitch either. Can anyone please explain it?


I tried a few things and ended up doing a 5 sc cluster. That is-after you *chain 4 put your hook through the chain closest to the leg and draw up a loop. **yarn over and go through one loop, 5 times. then yarn over and go through all the loops on your hook slip stitch in the same stitch where you chained 4, then chain 4 again and do the cluster again twice. If you slip sticth in the right place your toes should be facing the same way as you see in the picture.


correction to my last comment *go through chain, draw up a loop yarn over, go through one loop, 5 times from * the yarn over and go through all 6 loops on hook. that's the 5 sc cluster-then slip stitch and do chain 4 again.
Sorry about that.


hallo! Ich liebe deine Frösche, aber ich kann es nicht.
Das verstehe ich nicht die 5. Runde ......... Können Sie mir helfen??
Ich habe 3 SC zu tun und als 2 DC? ein über 23 SC wieder???, wie Sie die Brust zu bekommen? ich danke Ihnen sehr, nico


sorry, ich meine 3 SC, 2. DC und dann wieder 3 SC, 2 DC? Danke, Nico

foreplay for women

My nieces love all those little animals of your, they can't wait for the new ones.


My toads won't be good.. They look like R2D2 from StarWars, I don't know what I'm doing wrong!

Volker  from Germany

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I'm a novice crocheter and I'm having a little trouble with this pattern. Here is the part I don't get. These numbers are at the end of the instructions for making the head top, the body and the legs
and [32]
What is supposed to match up with these numbers? What are the numbers there for? Does anyone know?


Hi, any chance you could tell me where you star and finish the White part of the mouth? Thankyou xx


I just made my first frog/toad from the frog's tummy is way tooooo deep! I think the pattern has you working about six rows without increasing or decreasing in the white part, and I think it could do with three rows less. I just now looked at the pdf, and yep, it's "body rounds 6-11." You just don't need that many rounds. My little guy is all tummy! Too tall tummy! He's awful cute, though. Can you tell us how to do the pink mouth stitching? Also made the duck-billed platypus and he looks great! This is fun!


omg im serching for socks

Mallorca Wetter

Very lovely, i do not know what to do without it.

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