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Darla Parsons

I came across your site from a link at Ravelry and love your work. I just bought the squirrel pattern and your design guide through paypal. Unfortunately, I only received the squirrel download. How do I download the design guide?

Thank you :)

Arlee Coppinger

I bought your wonderful Super Super Cute Crochet book (35 fun & fluffy friends). I'm working on Crocodile--ready to make his teeth, but "oh my" there are no directions (page 40 - 43)The picture looks good--but I can't find the instructions anywhere! Can you post them--or are they hiding somewhere else in the book? Arlee


On behalf of skunk lovers everywhere....please please please add the skunk pattern to your shop!!


I have had a nice look around this site, it is fab! Just wondering if you have a pattern for the Pass the Pigs game? It is one of my all time favourite games, remember it from childhood. And I love crochet so would be great to have a crocheted version. I have your book, are the pigs similar to that pig?
Thanks so much

piles problem

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.


Any suggestions where I can buy the eyes for these crocheted toys in Ontario, Canada. My children have the whale and bird made but we can't find any eyes.


I made your headphone whale for my sister-in-law for Christmas last year and she loved it; it's an awesome pattern. There's a picture on my blog if you'd like to see my handiwork :)

Bojana Lavica

Hoe can I get pdf instruction? I live in Serbia,our countra doesnt have paypal sistem :( Ty


can i just buy a headphone whale already made without the pink mouth showing like the other picture


can i buy a headphone whale already made like the one in the guide on the other one with pink showing please answer i am verry interested inbox me if you can and show me a pic of it look me up on facebook with my email bc i dont look at my email please res[pond i really want one thx


is the crocheted ultimate squirrel available or is it just the knitted one because i would absolutly love to make one


Hi - I'm happy I found you and your cute friends - now I know where to buy presents!

greetings from sweden
mirkka maritta


Is there a pattern for the bull frog? I would love to make him.

Holly Benjamin

Where can I buy that gorilla pattern? I need to make it!

Karrie K

I'm working on your beaver pattern from the Creature Crochet book and I'm having a hard time with the hands and feet instructions. I've found a few incorrect instructions in the book already, and for someone new to crochet, it is very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated! Love your patterns!

Make handmade

So cute amirugumi! i love it, thanks for sharing.

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron


What is the difference between the whale in your book and the headphone whale? I would love to make the headphone whale, but I don't want to have to buy the pattern if the construction is the same or easily modifiable. LOVE the book so far! Slowly crocheting my way through! :)


is the squirrel a pattern


Wow! amazing patterns!
here's a fan from the Netherlands! :D


Wow, nice stuff! When I saw your "Ultimate Squirrel" I had a moment where my brain went, "SQEEE, IT'S SO CUTE I WANT TO TURN MYSELF INSIDE OUT!" ;D We had one practically pet squirrel when I was a kid who almost came in our house many times, but we had to stop her b/c of our 2 cats and small dog, all of whom would have loved to "play" with her I'm sure...eep. Now her descendents live on in a more reserved, but still friendly, outdoor cooperation. The smallest female launches herself at the windows, specifically the ones we can see her from, when she wants food! XD So I will relearn how to crochet and pay homage to our squirrely friends!

Vickie Anders

Where do you find your brushed yarn? I can't find it anywhere that is reasonably priced.


I love your creativity! Have you made a book with all your patterns in it? I would certainly buy that one for myself! And maybe an extra... and one for my mum. And sister. Did I already mention an extra?

Ann C

Hey, I clicked on the link to your book Super Super Cute Crochet, but it doesn't connect anywhere. Thanks.

Kelli A Fox

Don't buy anything. We purchased a pattern and not only didn't ever receive the pattern but could not get a reply on email. Our money was taken and then nothing happened.

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