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Joan McLenaghan

Hello. I just think all your little friends are adorable. I have no problem with you charging for any new patterns out, but am hoping you include the polar bears, the penguin and the little fox in the ones you release. Thank you. Joan

Jean Eichheim

How about the giraffe pattern? I would certainly pay for this pattern.


What a great quality pdf-pattern!
Thank you for doing this.

Thought of making the robot available?

Have a great weekend!

Cecelia Louie

Your designs are ingenious! Isn't everyone's dream to love their job? It's a hobby now, but you never know – I can't wait to buy your whole book!


What size hook do the whales take? I'm thinking of making one because this is the third pair of headphones I've squished in a week! Also is there just one colour of wool? Would one skein of 50g be ok?


I just finished my second headphone whale and I love them, thank you!


I just bought the headphone whale to make x-mas gifts, and it is so easy and painless! I would have a sea full of whales if i just had some pink yarn! I love it so much!!!


Im sorry to bother you like this... i just bought the little whale and it doesnt look like i downloaded it there any way it could be sent again please?
yours sincerely


I love too surf to this site.. I wished so much tho for my daiabled son that I could make the crocdile he sis just awsome,
another favorite is the roman Monkey.. I am underthe uderstand it was Wibits work.. Hope to hear from youreal soon
sexyminnie mouse

Ronda Budnick

i love your patterns i have several of the free ones and have a hard time getting the pay for ones. i am waiting patiently for the squirrel as i have many, many squirrels where i live. Thank you again and i am very sorry for your lose of Twinkles as i lost my little friend Hairy recently thanks again Ronda


Hi. i live in the UK and would like to purchase your headphone whale crochet pattern. is this possible?

Kerry Roberts

Sat and made a greek tortoise, whom has an appetite. Very kind indeed to share the pattern.


How does the headphone whale work? Do you simply stuff the headphones inside? I'm considering buying the pattern, but would like to make sure that it is what I think it is... a little ball with an opening that you stuff them in made to look like an adorable whale, right?

Erika Cooper

I can't wait to buy your book. I love all of your patterns. I would REALLY love to have the flamingo pattern. I hope you'll have the pattern for sale one day. Congratulations on your book.

Maple Pham

This little guy is amazing! The personality just shines through and you'd think he was real!

I love all of your little friends and check your blog often. I hope I"m not too late to enter the contest to win one of your signed copies of your new book. I live in Canada and the book isn't available here.

I think a challenging project would be a hydra (multi-headed dragon). Is there such a thing as a cute hydra? could sequins be used as scales? I've never seen anything like that so it definately would be different.

Thanks so much again for sharing your craft!

dental care

i like this part of the blog:"WhaleyThis little whale will solve all headphone problems. He loves swiming around your bag and keeping your headphones from being lost, bashed or ruined." is very good, you should add some pictures....


wow.. a very talent lady.. thank you for sharing your inspirations.. could a monkey be included in your designs.. thank you xxxx


Oh dear, I have the new book, its beatutifully written, but for me I cant get the gist of the patterns, try as I may, from brain to hand, the pattern gets lost on me.. You are either a crocheter or not, sadly i am not.. I live in the UK would someone like to give my book a new home.. The book is done in such a wonderful way, set out well.. Top marks to a talented lady..

Marie Elving

Hello I would like to by the book with pattern of squirrel but I suppose it will cost a lot to ship it to Sweden.
Best regards MArie


Hi Marie,
You can just by the Squirell pattern and it is sent to you by email - so no shipping costs.


i love your web site! But i am just dieing to get a tree frog so i hope you post that soon! (:

Jordan 5

A lot will come out over time but the truth has been out there for a long time as well but that doesn't give you what you want so this dance just goes on and on.

tn requin

I can't wait to buy your book. I love all of your patterns. I would REALLY love to have the flamingo pattern. I hope you'll have the pattern for sale one day. Congratunike tn
chaussure requin
lations on your book.

Yoo Hoo27

I so love this site, I have only just come across it...I am wanting to do the Pomerainian, I had a little tea-cup Pom until late last year..she live to a grand old age.. miss her so much, so I thought it would be nice to have a beautiful reminder of her. Thanks
P.S. anyone know how to do a Bichon or a poodle????

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