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October 08, 2012



This is soooooo sweet! I'll start crocheting along right away. Thanks for sharing...


Brrrrrrrillant! Our doorknobs have seen better days - this is just what they need!


These are so pretty... I love The Flower! Hope you won't mind me linking to your little knob post this week at Tangled Happy. Thanks so much for sharing this fun idea! :)


That would be amazing! Glad you like it!

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carolee carpenter jandreau

What a delightful blog!! I am fairly new into crocheting, just found you and I love your knob covers. I do fiber arts for kids as well and need to get a blog going. Come visit me


breathtaking! can't believe i don't have any knobs that need a makeover...

Becca M

Such a cute idea, would look great in my little girl's room. Thank you for sharing.


These are great! I'm wondering if I could use some elastic instead of tying them on so they could be switched out. I'm thinking holiday doorknob covers would be super cute in the kitchen ;)

Rita Steitz

What a lovely idea. Thank you so much for sharing.

crafty grandma

Not only does it look good, when filled with tissue paper or batting it protects the door knob from banging into the wall especially with little children around.

Angus James Keefe

Every time I navigate this site like him even more.

Martti Kalliomäki

Very creative good job.In Helsinki Finland those things consider sometimes an concept specially for those interior designer displays,in Finland there are a lot of professional store interior designer which is a lot of people amaze from furniture to shop fitting.Glad i see this one.

Carrie P.


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