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August 13, 2011


Cindy G.

Oh my! I love that chameleon! I'm so glad you found your crochet design mojo! I think I'd need to make a couple in some variegated yarn to tuck into gifts of "The Mixed Up Chameleon," by Eric Carle.

The hammerhead shark, well, I'd just keep him for myself ;D


That chameleon just took over my heart! Love him, and glad to see you back!


Now I used to run in that park all the time and I didn't know there were sharks in the pond!!!


I love the chameleon! So great!


My son was reading behind my shoulder (looking at picture) and feel in love with the shark!

Great job.

Mathilde B.

love the chameleon and the shark (and the kitty, aaaw :) )! If you're still looking for ideas of animals too crochet, well I've been thinking about how to make a goat for a while. Since I love you designs (your squirrel really IS the ultimate squirrel to me), I would be glad to download/buy a goat pattern from you....
Cheers from France,


These are great Brigitte - I love them both. Really glad to see that you are doing some more designs :-)

Adri @ Amazing Pictures Online

Aww, the Ickle chamleon is soo adorable. Did you make this little guy by stitching or buy him from the store? I really want one..

If you have one that you made, I'd love to buy one from you. Please let me know, thanks.


Glad to see you back. The chameleon and shark are fantastic.


Hello Brigitte,

I just came by at your blog to let you know somebody gave me your book 'Super super cute crochet' (in Dutch). I love to just wander through the pages and wonder what will be my next project ;). Thank you very much for making such great patterns, and I will let you know once I made something out of your book.


Hi! I just followed a link from Ravelry for your Mollie Flower tutorial and was hoping you could help me. When I download the tutorial I see photos but no words. I clicked the photo on your blog with the tutorial as it had words but I can't read it as it gets fuzzy when enlarged. I'd love to try the flowers so please can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong with the downloads? Thank so much! x Marja


Ohhh how cute the chamelon is.
I made one too some years ago, but it's smaller .... take a peek:


My son would LOVE that shark - any chance of a printed pattern that I could purchase?


My son may not be able to appreciate things like this for now for he is only 4 months old. He might be interested with colors though.

This is kinda fun and you can also make money out of this talent while having fun.

קורס איפור

Wow.. Great job done by you. It is pretty tough to make such shark and chameleon! I like your creative work.


Great job! I've been looking for a hammerhead pattern for a while now...
What do you think about making a peacock? I've been struggling through one, and I'm done with the body but it's a lot tougher than I planned.

Anne Stewart

hi there
I am a Country Womens Association member here is Oz (Australia)and this year we are studying it comes...any chance of purchasing your shark pattern please?

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