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December 18, 2010



I just noticed this come up on the Ravelry pattern page and thought I would wander over here to find out what it was all about. Looks like a good read, I may have to get myself a copy after Christmas :-)

K. McCullough

Thank you so much! It is a WONDERFUL Guide!!


Wonderful! Will buy tomorrow!


OOo this is brilliant! I have asked for your pattern book for christmas, going to add this to the list too!

Deni J

Thank you! I've dabbled a bit with amigurumi, but this encourages me to do more than just dabble!

Amigurumi Patt

This seems to be an incredibly detailed guide for the amigurumi designers among us. Great work!


Hello, my name is Christie :)

I just started a blog and I linked to your frog pattern and your design guide ( which i am getting for myself as soon as hubby gets home with the credit card ) Thank you tons for your lovely blog and all the patterns, tutorials and ideas, it is really inspirational !


YAY! I got my copy of your Design Guide last night and it has already opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities! I see now that ANYTHING can be made into an amigurumi and a cute amigurumi at that :) I am especially enthralled with the section on frame-working, amazing!
TY for taking the time to make this Design Guide and for sharing your valuable experience, tips and info.

Satu Ylanen-Campbell

Thank you very much for the generosity of your spirit, Brigitte Read!

Pure chance originally brought me to your blog, which I have followed for quite a long time now. I have purchased a couple of your patterns, I took the online lessons, I have bought your book and I just downloaded your new Amigurumi Design Guide.

I am a fan because your creations lift my spirits. And for the record, I would have gladly paid more for everything.

Yesterday I was in Paris to see the huge Claude Monet exhibition. I had booked my ticket months in advance, yet I still cannot believe the ticket only cost 12 Euros. It was a unique, astonishing exhibition. Priceless.

I have that same feeling about your work. Thank you!



I just found your blog and I loooove your critters!! Now I just wish I knew how to crochet. :)


This is a brilliant idea! I love your designs and look forward to learning how you do them.
Thanks very much for sharing your secrets.


I just spent a lot of time not working because I bought this (it's still amazing to me to get things IMMEDIATELY) and read the whole thing. I don't know how close I am to designing things, especially since I am new enough to crochet that making prototypes can take a very long time, but you have so many cute patterns and so many cute free patterns in particular that I thought buying it now might be one way to give back. So thank you, in the form of a $5 PayPal transfer and a grateful comment. :-) Especially for the manta ray. I started making him last night.


The book looks great! I'd love to buy it- can it be shipped to the UK? :)


Wauwwww - the most genious way of buying. I got the design guide right away. :-) It seems that you have written a book about chrochet too. Can I ask you the name of it?
Thank you. :-)


Ahh, it's an e-book! Sorry for being so stupid in my last comment X)
Lone: I know you didn't ask me, but I have the book in my hand right now and it's called super-super cute crochet :D


This is the coolest thing ever, I keep trying to make the time to polish my crochet skills but instead smile looking at these little creatures and thinking 'one day'... and then go back to my knitting. Well done on making the e book and all your beautiful designs, hopefully sometime soon I'll get some time to try and make something from it!


Just bought this, had a quick look. Its brilliant! Can't wait to have a nice long read. Was a real bargain as well. Thanks!


My husband bought this for me. Thank you so much. I've admired your crocheted amigurumis for years and have always attempted to get mine as cute as yours! No chance :P


Oh my goodness! All this work - TONS of work - for just $7.50 US? That's ridiculous! Please tell me you're pursuing publications with a real publisher and that you'll charge at least triple this. It's totally worth it. New fan just stopping by. :)


A small suggestion - you should have a biblio/bio/links page in the eBook, I wanted to share the source of the "eyes close together" rule of cute, and had to reverse-google your book to find you!

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