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June 21, 2010



Yes that is defenetly a purse with an attitude :O) And I also think, that it would be a perfect choice for a free pattern.


I love it! So cute and quirky. Itwould be like having a grown up cuddly toy to carry around. I think it would be an incredibly popular free pattern.

Amanda Lawrence

I only discovered your blog a week ago but i've already begun spending too much time here :D

LOVE the cluck clutch. please, please, please make it an available pattern.


Cutest purse ever! I love your designs!


Definitely worht a free pattern... I already own a pug-shaped purse, so this would be a nice change... :-)


I love chickens, too! So much that I would pay for that pattern. But free is good, too.


lol! She must be over the moon! What an awesome, and personal, gift.

I've never been one for the clutch purse, though. Maybe cause I want my hands free! Certainly they LOOK nice enough. :)

La Mañosa

Oh my gosh, I love this chicken purse! So cute!

Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Oh my goodness. Yes, yes, yes, yes YES. I'd love to make this pattern and carry the purse proudly.


This is the cutest chicken clutch I've ever seen! :) I would love to make one too

Mrs. Hemenway

What a cute chicken! I would love to make one if you posted the pattern.


Oh, I love it! My mom and youngest daughter were both born in the year of the Rooster, and I think the description is pretty apt. Except for the selfish part, they certainly aren't that! And neither are you, that's for sure. Fun and fantastic pattern as usual.


I'm also obsessed with all things chicken, and would love to have this pattern, free or not.
P.S. swooning over your silkworm and dragon from the book, planning to make both just as soon as I find the just-right color of green for the silkworm, and a good excuse to make a little dragon.


Hahaha! That's just made me laugh my head off. Excellent compromise, there.


I love this! I love it! I was also born in the year of the rooster. I would make one in a heart beat.

This clutch is awesume. I would love to make it free or not . . probably more then one . . . in different colours lol.

Annette Morrison

AWESOME!!! Would love a pattern, free or otherwise. I will be checking back again frequently, with anticipation! Great project. :)


Yes, please post the pattern. It is adorable!!!

ann flower

Wow...this Cluck Clutch looks awesome. I have neverseen anything like it. So cute :)

Lisa Reeve

I love this pattern! I'd buy it if you sold it, but if you make it free, that's even better. :)


I love it . Its perfect for a free pattern. Im a rooster too :) (in a chinese zodiac way not a crazy person way). Great job
I can't wait to get your book :)


love it!!! it's so cute =))))


oh please oh please oh please put it up! It is such a beautiful pattern and I am such a fan of yours. I've been crocheting for ages but your work has been totally breathtaking.

Viki Banaszak

That is awsome! I want to make one...please :)

Nhan Nguyen

Awesome. I'd be willing to learn how to knit (stitch?) to make this for my sister's birthday in November!

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