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April 12, 2010



please please flamingo pattern!!!!!!!!!


yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa, thank you so much... I will send you a E-mail with my adress :)

Miss RAB

Hi, I just bought your book, and I've got a couple questions. For the puppy, what kind of yarn do you use, and when do you put in the eyes if it says to brush before putting in they eyes, yet you finish off first?? Also, does acrylic yarn work okay if you brush it, or what fiber do you use?
Thanks! Love the pictures in the book!


Hiya - Yes you need to brush before you put the eyes in beacuse otherwise the eyes get scratched by the brushing. Acrylic yarn works perfectly brushed!! I am so glad you like it!! With the dog I used Patons Spirit/Studio or Sirdar Blur but any mohair mix DK will do.

steve markis

love the panda .. fantastic!

Miss RAB


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Acrylic yarn works perfectly brushed!! I am so glad you like it!! With the dog I used Patons Spirit/Studio or Sirdar Blur but any mohair mix DK will do.


I got the book on Friday, and I've already made a baby turtle (which I kind of messed up on), an owl (which is adorable!!) and I'm half way through a platypus. I love all the patterns in the book and can't wait to make some more of them!

new balance

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Omg that panda is freakin adorable. My daughter would like that for her birthday.


Where can i buy your book? my email please let me know. thank you!! love your work!!

Arlee Coppinger

Please post the directions for the teeth of the crocodile! They are missing from your book Super-Super Cute Crochet (35 Fun & fluffy Friends)which I purchased in December. I'm almost finished with him, but there are no directions for the teeth--very important part of a crocodile!!!


Hi I bought your book a while ago. Just love looking at all the pictures, they are so beautiful. So far I have only attempted a turtle, it didn't go so well :( but I have been practising so will try again! You have some amazing patterns on here. Can't wait to explore further...

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I was so surprised by how in sync we all are - so many of them were actually in the book

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