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March 11, 2010



Congratulations on the book!

As for a very difficult amigurumi to do, I would think a monkey with a prehensile tail would be difficult, for a couple reasons: (1) the tail, and (2) monkeys have very expressive faces, so to get a good one would be a lot of work.

Jeanne S.

Your designs are incredible! Congratulations on the book! And an idea for an extra-challenging amigurumi - how about a peacock?


I hope I am not to late for this giveaway......congrats on the book it is fabulous to see people do what they love to do and put it into print. My thoughts on a creature to create maybe a whale!


congrats on your book~ :)
super cute and challenging about a long haired calico cat or tortoise-shell cat? (hee hee, those are my kitties)

Jean A.

I had your book in my pre-order queue for some time now-Congratulations!

I don't have a good suggestion for an impossible amigurumi--maybe a snow leopard?


Oh, please enter my name. This book has been on my "wish-list" and am thrilled it is out.


have been waiting for this and am so excited to finally know i can get one. i love monkeys!!!

Ruth Bruyns

such little lovelies!
Perhaps you can design a pocket bear family?


you should make a humming bird or a peacock life size. I love all your patterns :) that book looks great!

Irene Kwak

And another secret reader of your blog!

How about a manatee or a Pygmy Marmoset?

I would love to win your book, because it does look superawesome or should I say supersuper awesome!

Line Støyva

Hi, thank you for this great blog and your beautiful photos! I’m quite new to crochet, so I haven’t tried out your tutorials yet, but I’m following you via RSS :) I’m planning to make some of your owls to my husband and his fellow Juventus supporters (oh yes, Italian football!). You see, in Italy we have the expression “to owl” (“gufare”) which means something like transferring bad luck to your opponent team, so I think my friends will be really happy to have some nice crotchet owls for company during the match!

Miss RAB

I'd just like to say that your patterns are lovely, and they are the cutest little animals I've seen. That squirrel is positivly squirrel-ish! It sound ridiculous, but it actually looks like a squirrel, with the little "hands" and the expression is curious.


Something impossible....hmmm... a lionfish!!
Love your patterns. They are so easy to follow and give such great results! I hope I'm not too late for the give-away....fingers crossed!


i love this site and think you are a genius with the patterns you come with. the squirrel is amazing!!! how about a butterfly, toy poodle, a cartoon character of some sort? take care


Ahhh, your newest kitty is so adorable! I'd love to get a copy of that book, your creations are all so adorable. How about a bird of paradise, or a colorful parrot? Or a sea anemone? (haha, so different...)


congratulations! your designs are so precious.


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Will your book be available in the US?

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