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March 11, 2010



Congratulations on the new book and the new kitty! How about a camel?

Melissa Murray

I love all your Ami's. I have two ideas for your impossible creation: a Black Russian Terrier dog or a Flamingo who can actually stand on one leg!


I'm really excited about your book. I still have to wait a few more weeks before it is available here. I am planning on using your patterns to help teach my youngest girl how to crochet.
I'm hoping that your crocodile is in the book, but if not then may I suggest it for your next book.

my idea for your 'impossible' project... perhaps a porcupine would be tricky?

Congratulations on your book. that's so cool!


Wow, congratulations! I have been reading your blog for a long time, I really love your patterns (I have made some too and everybody likes them), so it is great you made a book too! I envy your creativity8)
Hard to make...I would like to see a cockroach (hope I have spelt it right), but I do not know hoe difficult it could be


Congratulations on the book! Have you ever made a hedgehog? I think it would be hard to make the quills nice and pointy.


I bought your Squirrel-pattern two minutes ago and now I want to have your book :)
A super challenging Amigurumi? Hmm... how about a Snail, Chinchilla or cute Dragon? :) There is no Chinchilla at the whole Internet to find!

Your kitten are very adorable. I want a cat too but my flat is very small and they couldn't go outside.


Love your patterns. They are so cute without being "cutesie". They make this 55 year old woman want to make them for herself. As for the challenging amigurumi, how about a kangaroo with a baby that can be removed from the pouch?


So excited for this book to come out. Seeing your blog is what inspired me to start crocheting again and I've had so much enjoyment (and frustration) creating creatures for my family. I would so love to win this book. I've been waiting for it to come out.


I am so happy for you and your new book...just how exciting is that!!! My mom and I just saw Avatar last night and the flying scenes blew me about one of the flying creatures they were riding for an "impossible" creation...the big yellow, orange and black one...AWESOME!!! Keep up the great work. hooray!!!


Congratulations on the book and the kitty!!

A super challenging design? Hmm...A giant beetle. Like this

It'd be extremely difficult to make that cute.

Cindy G.

Congrats on the book! As for a complicated pattern, I'd like to see an armadillo that could be curled up into a ball...


This is adorable! I can't wait to try it!

And what about an otter?


challenging you say? how about a peacock? like a legitimately, life-like coloured peacock? that would be AWESOME!


My first thought is a peacock! Impossible! Can't wait to see your book, it looks great!


Many congratulations for the new book - I can't wait to have a good read of it myself (it is already on my Amazon wishlist!).

Your asking about a super hard Amigurumi is a strange concidence - today I was actually thinking about perhaps having a go at something pretty impossible myself... do you know the Studio Ghibli films? Well I was tempted to have a go at making the moving castle from "Howl's moving castle" one of my favourite films, however it would probably take me about 10 years to do it justice and it would be massive.


congratulations on your book!!!! very exciting. Last week I saw it on England's Amazon. Is it ready in the States?

hmm, saw some cool suggestions like the mole and the moose. How about a toy fox terrier?????

Nadine B

ZOMG! Squirrel! I just watched "Up" and I find myself saying "Squirrel" at random intervals. At least this time there was actually a freaking adorable squirrel. I shall stop this post now before I begin to think I might break the record on the most times "Squirrel" has been typed in a response box.

But yes, very adorable pattern and congratulations on the book!

mireya g

congradulations !!!! on your book I have always LOVED your blog you have wonderful pattern Way to Go :)

mireya g

Hmm....for a challenging pattern maybe a rhinoceros (sorry i cant spell ) oh or a buffalo that would be awsome


Congratulations - the book looks fantastic! (and so does Kit)

I'd love a pattern for a cute little crocheted tapir

Or another of my favourite animals, the tamandua-


It's fantastic that you have your own book out there now! I will definitely buy it.

As for a challenging amigurumi project, how about a kangaroo?(with a pouch you can actually store something in!)


Hope I'm not too late to win your book. You have some wonderful and original patterns. Love your kitty too and maybe that is a great challenge, a realistic cat or kitten. Congratulations on the book!


As yet another secret reader of your blog ( and avid crocheter of your patterns), congratulations on your book! My suggestion for a challenging ami would be a numbat (an Australian mammal with stripes and a bushy tail)


I just found your site and it is so inspiring! thanks for all the free patterns... I can't wait to try the tortoise and the tree frog. Here is my suggestion for a challenging amugurumi: a seahorse! They have such great curves. Congrats on your new book. It is great to see that crafting can take you places!


peacock all the way! grats on the book!

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