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March 11, 2010



Oh, the book looks super-super awesome (ha ha)!

Hmm, impossible amigurumi....How about a star-nosed mole?


Super challenging amigurumi? Hmmmm, I don't know if it's super challenging, but I was looking for a cute robot pattern a while ago and didn't have any luck. My sister's suggestion is definitely challenging: a giraffe!

random Cindy

Yay! I'm so happy for you. And I'd love to have a copy of your book of course. I love your work and maybe with my youngest going off to school in the fall I'll actually have time to try! I think I've already mentioned flying squirrel but I'll say it again. :^)


Cuteness! Hmm a bird with a lot of different colours - I'm thinking parrot or something.

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

Congratulations!!!! So exciting. I'm off to buy that squirrel pattern as soon as I'm done trying to think of the most complex ami that I can think of.....omm...ommm...what about something like an egret? Those long, thin legs, and of course they look so cool with their plumage displayed.


Oh, so great that you got to hold the book in your hands! I can't wait to see it...

My children's suggestions are for a butterfly and a flamingo (because it's pink, of course).

Amanda Larson

A one eyed,one horned, flying purple people eater! Congrats on the book, that has to be so exciting!


I would love to win your book!! A super challenging amigurumi ideas for you are...a jellyfish...or a fuzzy caterpillar.


congrats! Will look out for it. Think will try the bird. It looks cute. all the best with ur cute kitten too!


Have you made a fox?? It should be a cute red fox. :D Dear Marc suggests a Sloth.

Here's a sketch he made of me (in my bunny form) stitching:

One of him (He's a Brown Bear; though his sketch might look like a pig) grilling:

And sleeping:

There's another one he drew of the bunny fetching tea things from a high cabinet, but I think it's only in my phone. :D Anyway, not sure why I'm showing you cute animals when you've got no shortage of your own!

Congrats again on your publication. I need to hoard up some pocket money to buy your book!

Annette Morrison

Love the squirrel Brigette! Congratulations on the book! As for an ami idea, here's mine. A MOOSE!!!

All the best,

Emily House

i dont think ive ever seen a really nice platypus pattern though im digging the moose idea! im so happy to hear about your book and im just waiting for that paycheck to come in so i can order!


Congratulations on the book sounds very exciting. How about an Echidna or my daughters favourite animal is a Bintourong


I want to see a lovely unicorn!!! And if you want a real challenge add some wings!

I'd love to win a copy of your book! I hope I do!

I am a big fan of your patterns. Love the whale headphone holder, and plan to make them to give away as Christmas gifts once I become more proficient at crochet.

As for a challenging project, I think insects would be difficult. What about a cricket or beetle? Or maybe a peacock.


I think a peacock with a nice fluffy tail plumage might be a challenge. But then again, I've not made many amigurumi at all, so maybe I'm wrong.


Congratulations on the book publication! The book looks amazing!

A challenging pattern. I don't know about challenging, but how about a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh corgi? I have one and that is a hard pattern to find :)


Congratulations! So exciting to have your book published. I love the cover.

I don't know what would be challenging for you as you make it all look so easy. Maybe something with lots of legs like a centipede?

Ramona K

I´ve been a "secret reader" of your blogg for some time now. Congratulations on the book! Who wouldn´t want to win a copy?? A challenging figure? How about Incy Wincy spider. Now that I´ve thought of it, I might try one for my grandchildren. If I can overcome my irrational fear of of those little beasties.
Ramona K
Uppsala, Sweden

Rebecca (from Sweden)

Another secret reader (RSS) here, my first thougths on an amigurumt that would be hard to make was Stick insect ;-) but i think it might not be a brilliant idea ;-) but then i came to think of the Four-toed Jerboa (Allactaga tetradactyla) an animal looking lika a mix between mouse, hare and kangaroo might be a challenge


The book look awesome! I would really love a copy! :)

How about making a dragon? that would be cool. :)



So happy that you have got your ideas out there. Your designs deserve the biggest audience possible. As far as impossible patterns how about an armidillo - I'd love to see how you would approach the plating!


Congratulations on your book. I would love to see a rhinoceros pattern as i have a daughter obsessed with rhinos who would like one.


Looks like a wonderful book! :)

You could try to make a camel? (one hump or two)


Oh boy, I love that squirrel!
Not commenting for the giveaway, but to congratulate you on little Kit and the book. Way to go! And Kit is pure sugar, gotta love her :)
Maybe I will have to start making amigurumis one day x

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