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February 22, 2010



This is the most amazing post.

random Cindy


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I, too, had an all white cat. It was very hard to keep him indoors. Because white cats are fair skinned, he got carcinoma on his ears. We couldn't get the surgery he needed for financial reasons. By the time we were able to get his ears done, they were so badly eaten by the cancer. He came out of the vet's with no ears. He was an old cat and his last remaining months were at least painless.

It's not a bad idea to try and keep your Betty indoors as much as possible. Some white, outdoor cats get the carcinoma on their nose. When the nose is so bad, the cat needs to be put to sleep. Some get it on their lips and makes it hard for them to eat.

Tracey O'Brien

I came across the theory that cats bring you mice etc., because they think their humans can't hunt for themselves (they've never seen you catch a mouse with your bare paws, have they?). So they are providing for you, which is really sweet. Perhaps hiding some food in the garden and letting them see you stalk and catch it would help? Perhaps doing it inside where the neighbours can't see, would be better, though? I love your owls.


I love this post!!!
Yeah, your kittycat wants to provide for you, so she probably expects you to be grateful. Argh. I know it is hard when presented with a dead mouse, I would probably cry, but in her mind she is doing a really nice thing- so you have to show appreciation. Areen't cats a blessing? :)


You've done it again, Brie! I just love the idea of "stackable" owls. ;)


Isn't that just the cutest owl!


what an amazing post. Cute!!


This is so amazing!
Thanks for making me smile!


Your owls are so very lovely - I want some so I really hope you are going to publish the pattern!

We used to have a fantastic black cat who was all cuddles and purrs inside but when out and about must have been a terror to all small creatures as she would bring back some tasty treat for us at least once a week. Finding bits of mouse was never much fun, but we did manage to convince her to stop bringing them into the house for us.

Rosie Graham

Your owls are fab - as always. i have to tell you about kitty presents. We had three cats two black and whites and tabby. One day my husband thought he saw a dead leaf under the table that had been blown in. Except that it wasn't, it was actually a mouse's head... cold and rahter wet! Oh and when we lived in a farmhouse Freddie would bring home a takeaway - vole mouse and one day I went in the boiler room where they hung out and stepped on a meatless vole - i hate to tell you that it crunched under my foot. Not nice, really really not nice. Didn't speak to freddie for about a week after that!

Rosie x


very nice story :)

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lol it looks real from different angles...


Heyyy so I bought your book and I expected to see the pattern for this owl but it wasn't in the book, where can I get the pattern?? For free since I wasted $15 for nothing on your


Oh yeah pleaaseeee reply to the other comment I posted


Oooh, I didn't see this owl yet!
But I did try making your little owlet!

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