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February 14, 2010


Gertrude Sever

I think they are very pretty, if you don't want them send them to me! I will give them a good home. ;')


Congratulations on your book!!

Your scarves are very nice, with a real preference for the two bottom ones.... especially the cashmere. I don't find them hideous at all. I've also wanted to try this Rhubarb scarf for ever, but haven't gotten around to it. Between color choice and the rest.....

Like your friend above, if you don't want them, I'm willing to have your rejects!!!!

Beautiful Scottish picture.. never been there, and you make me want to go!!!

Cuddle up!!!


To me they are all great and well done. I like two best.


Um .. yeah. I'll take your ugly ANY day! :D Those are beyond fantastic.


Oh good (see previous comments), I thought I was being stupid, because...erm...they're not ugly!
I love the colours - yummy. Hope you find a version that satisfies you soon ;-)

And I love Scotland too.


I'm here to tell you they are diffently not ugly. I think they all are very nice. Keep up the great work.

random Cindy

Hideous? Are you sure you know the meaning of that word? ;-)

I understand why you say that they are not the effect you want but really, they are lovely. It looks to me like you need two yarns that tend more towards variegated and less self-striping to get closer to the effect of the original.

Perhaps try Etsy for some handspun? You may even be able to get some custom dyed.

Congrats on your book!! How do you feel? Nice to see you blogging again.


If it makes you feel better, I found the yarn used in the orginal very scratchy. Goegeous, yes, but I couldn't wear it against my skin. (I'm not anti itch either)


I think your scarves are lovely. I was obsessed with this scarf as well and was lucky to find a couple of balls before it was completely gone. I think it is still sold in Japan under Diascenery. Do you know anyone there who could send you some? You might also look at Jojoland Melody Superwash. I thought they had very similiar colorways.

Irene Kwak

I actually like the Zauberball one. It's gorgeous and I would wear it anyday. Maybe I should give it a try as well.


Have you looked into blue moon sock yarn? They have great self striping yarn in unusual color combos...


They are BEAUTIFUL what do you can send me one and I would wear it with pride!!!

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