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February 15, 2010



Congratulations! Looks wonderful.


Oh, hooray! Off to order now... congratulations, it's a great cover too!

Debbie B

Congratulations! again! as you know I have already ordered it. I can't believe the publishing world took so long to discover you.


If anyone deserves it, its gotta be you. Way to go!!


Congratulations on your book. I look forward to your book. :O)


Congratulations! It's on my wish list, just waiting for funds :-)


congratulations !! your book will be a brilliant present for my soon-coming birthday.. Well done !


looks fab congrats!!!


Congratulations. It's great seeing such a book published.
I've been following you blog for a while now, even before I knew how to crochet :-)

BTW My absolute favorite is the Greek Tortoise, which has been my inspiration to take on crochet.


Congratulations!!! Very apt title!!!


Congrats!!! You deserve it, now I'm off to buy it!


congratulations!!! I love what you do and I can tell you that one copy of your book is about to find a new home in France pretty soon!


Woo-Hoo! Way to go!


pre-ordered my copy yesterday. Can't wait for it to arrive!


Too Cool! These little animals are my next 'project' I want to try with my crochet. I've always made afghans, scarves and things. I keep seeing these cute little animals and I think when my current project is finished I want to give them a try. Wish me luck LOL! I've put your book on my 'wish list' Very cute!


I preordered a few weeks ago. I stumbled across it on accident on Borders website. You make the most wonderful things, and I'm thrilled about your book.


Congratulations! I've admired your talent for a long time, and made many of your projects. Your creations are true works of art, and I'm so happy for your success!! I've GOT to make that panda for my daughter... ! :)


Great work! You are very inspirational, I would like to have my own crochet book some day. I would like to give you the Sunshine Award to say thank you, you can collect it from my blog:

I'll be putting your book on my wish list :)


This is soooo coooool, you rock!!


CONGRATS!!!! I can't wait to get it!!!


i pre-ordered my copy in february from W.H.Smith online and i just got an email A DAY before release that its sold out! im a bit gutted!

but i just wanted to say must be doing well if its sold out before release! haha

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