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November 18, 2009



Wow, he looks great, very lifelike!


What a cute squirrel! You are brilliant, you really are!



Stunning; love it! :)


He is adorable, so very squirrely! Beautiful work as usual - I'm so glad to see you back blogging :)


He's absolutely perfect. Good job!


I love the squirrel! he is a cutie.
I thought I would let you know I have made lots of Owlets for the bird sanctuary and put a link on my post to your blog. Thanks for letting me use your lovely pattern, they are so addictive to make!


I think he is perfect.

Lisa (sideoats + scribbles)

That is soooooooo super duper cute!!!! LOVE IT! I made one of your Owlets over the weekend -- thanks so much for the pattern!


He is adorable! You are amazingly talented.


Ohh! Very well done! He's absolutely adorable, looks like he could hop out of a tree and into the birdfeeder any second haha!

And I'm sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to lose a pet untimely, and I pray that the only memories that stay are the happy ones, like you said. I'm sure he enjoyed being with you every moment of every day.


He is simply too adorable for words!!!! I love him!


omg! That is one cute squirrel. I feel like I lost my groove to craft, but maybe making that little critter will get me back. Post a pattern!


You really have a squirrel with personality. Great job!


it is so cute! Do you sell the pattern? Pleeeease :)


adorable! realistic, too! :)


awesome! I really enjoy seeing the things you make! I wish I could make them too, but I'm not 'good' enough!


just checking up on everyone. Delurking this week, leaving notes.

Kim Walker

I truly am anxiously awaiting for your pattern. He would look soooo amazing sitting beside my knitted acorn, will it help to beg?


Amazing, amazing work! Thanks so much for sharing with us!


great poses :)


A-DOOR-A-BULL!!! I hope you will be making up a pattern for this one too!

Kerry Roberts

The best ideas always come to us at promiscuous hours!
Absolutely adorable. Fantastic work.


SOO adorable!! Please say you'll post the pattern? This is honestly too sweet for words, I feel like I'm spontaneously developing cavities! :D

Love him.
He looks like Hamey in the movie "Over the Hedge"!
/Ida from Sweden


Have you seen the movie "UP?" There is a Doberman in this fantastic movie, who is constantly distracted by a squirrel...reminds me of a favorite employee of mine. Consequently, I've been searching and searching for a squirrel pattern to knit or crochet for her. This is THE BEST squirrel I have seen! Can you please send me your pattern? I'd even pay for it. . .Thank you!

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