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June 10, 2009



Awesome - love the little guys - can't wait to see your secret project!!!

Linda Alvarado

I love your critters. :)


Awww - I love how your dinosaurs turned out, I hope your brother appreciates then even if he is a little bit older now!


this i my first visit to your blog- I think that I am going to have to learn to crochet! i love your little critters!


Adorable! You can't give us a hint??
Can I hope there is a flying squirrel in it?


It's been a while since visiting last. The fuzzies are just TOO CUTE for words! I can't help but go all squealy. Thanks for sharing!


I've recently found your wonderful blog, which has made me get out my crochet hoooks again! I've already made your gorgeous elephant. I think that your patterns are far and away the best I have seen, and you should certainly do a book!

Melanie Schulenberg

This is just precious.


Oh ! so lovely !


I have just found your website and have fallen in love!!! This is just the inspiration I was looking for! How do I join the mailing list? I have never seen such amazing crochet ideas!!


Hello, I have just found your blog after googling "crochet tortoise" ...I was going to make one up myself with some hex's but then found you had already done all the hard work - thank-you ! I'm making it for my daughter's birthday as she's saving up for a real one - but they are very expensive £300 for house,pet I thought a crocheted critter might do the trick in the meantime. Now I've found your blog I've had a lovely look through and it's great . When you have time please drop by and visit any time:)


what an adorable expression on the polar bear's face!


How sweet they all are!



Can you start posting *teasers* about your new project? It's been 3.5 months... Please?


aaaww love the fennek fox!!!

Do you sell the patter on it?


i LOVE the fennec fox! where can I find the pattern at?


The polar bear is one of the animals in more danger of extinction we have to protect him and respect his environment.


I collect 8" Care Bears. To complete my collection, I need the 8"
Thanks-a-lot Bear and Take Care Bear. Thanks-a-lot is light green
with a rainbow on his tummy. Take Care is pink with a heart hugging a
star on her tummy.


Where do you get your pet slicker brushes? I can't find them anywhere!


That polar bear is sooooo cute!! So fluffy... sigh. I have to get that pattern! Where can I find it?

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