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April 20, 2009



hey! i'd be interested to see the pattern!


You'd better write up the pattern, or else. Joking
Those are adorable.


I am hopeless at puff stitch. It defeats me every time!

These look lovely though.


These are lovely, I can think of a million uses for them! I'd love a pattern, I've never actually tried puff stitches.


They are so cute!!! What's a puff stitch?


Yes, please! These are so cute - I'd love to see a pattern! I don't know how to do the puff stitch either. Maybe these would make a good puff stitch tutorial?


I would love to see the pattern. Those look amazing all sewn up, I can't wait to try and make some up.


oooh, yes! I'd love a pattern - plus a tutorial, as mentioned by some others up there. they are too cute!


Would absolutely love a pattern. Anything you can make 50 of in one night is tops in my book!


these are too cute - I'd love to try them out!

i would love a tutorial! i am a novice crocheter and the more detailed instruction i can find, the better. i love your site. so inspiring. and the patterns are too cool.

thanks for sharing your craftiness!


Ooh, I would love a pattern! Looks like a great way to use up my odds and ends. I'm especially interested in seeing the sewing and weaving in ends part...


Yes please on the pattern! I know puff stitch but I'm not sure I know what you mean by 6 lengths. You make the cutest things!


I love these little puffy pretties! I would like to see the pattern. ;)


OOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I would love to see a pattern!! These are so cool! My mind is already spinning with ideas!! =)

Shoveling Ferret

They're exquisite and I love your choice of colors as well! I'll echo the requests for a pattern.


this is so lovely, those tiny flowers are so gracious, i'm interested by a pattern too


I'll have to give these flowers a go!


i would also love a pattern. these are awesome


Very cute!

La Mañosa

Oh, please do write up a pattern! I've been wanting to learn how to make these ever since I saw them on an adorable purse.


I would love that pattern!

Looking forward to it! :-)


I can't wait for the pattern! They are adorable.


I love your work! - and it would be great to see a pattern for these.


how does one do a puffstich?
ps. check my blog for a pic of my spring chick by your patter:)

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