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February 10, 2009



Cute! It's a really clever idea to use the buttons both as eyes and as a way to keep his mouth closed. :) The photo of Scotland is beautiful - I spent a week at a farm near Oban several years ago (I think the farm was called Raera) and I've been wishing I could go back ever since!


Whoa. That is awesome. ...I wanna make one now. Going to see if I can figure this out...


That's adorable!! And practical too! Hope you're feeling better soon!


Absolutely brilliant! I swear, those headphones are the one thing keeping me from using my iPhone on a regular basis. If only I were as clever as you!


You clever you... Its the cutest headphone case ever!


That is so clever! Will you be selling the pattern for this? Love reading all your funny and interesting posts!

Hope you feel better soon!


That is so adorable! I keep the headphones in a little pouch that is part of my knitted iPod case (which I must update on Ravelry soon). I try not to use them though - I get electrocuted through the ears by iPod headphones, plus in ear headphones really hurt my ears anyway. I just keep them for "emergency" usage, when a tune just has to be heard!


this is so fun and cute
such a clever idea too


Genius idea!


What a brilliant idea and so cute! I love your whale headphone keeper!

Wendy aka misswendiki

Too cute! What a great idea.


How very cute!


That is ADORABLE!!!

chicago sarah

He's so cute! And...I had no idea Scotland was so beautiful in the winter. Can't wait to visit (next year? year after?) and I'll be asking for yarn shop recommendations when I go!


that is sooo cute.
is it going to be one of your great patterns?


Such a great little guy! I'll be keeping an eye out in case you offer the pattern for sale. I'd love to make this.


What a brilliant idea! Would you consider sharing the pattern? I could really use one of these little guys myself.


I gave it a try and mine is O-KAY, but not perfect. LOL It's functional though! His tail is just a little floppy. hehe


You always come up with the cutest ideas and execute them so well. I think I need one of these little guys for myself.


Perfecto!! I need like .. er three of these! Mwah hahaha!
thanks for the idea!


reallly great idea! :) i always get my iphone head phones tangled in my bag and i prefer talking on the phone with the headphones cos i am in a wheelchair so it's hard to walk down the street and talk without them


How cute! I love whales and this is the sweetest thing, and functional as well. Hoping you will offer the pattern soon! Love your work!


the whale is a perfect idea! i seem to get through a stupid amount of headphones for my ipod too, but for me it's nibbling rabbits that cause the problem... x


what a great idea! Nicely done!


i love your lil whale.
will there be a pattern soon?

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