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February 27, 2009



The whale is listed as sold out! *cries*


I just purchased the pattern... Thanks for making it available. I love your work and I have no problem paying you for it. You deserve it! You are talented!


You have a garden fox! I want a garden fox!! Well, I want a garden period! So cute! so much charm! Can a fox amigurumi be far away in our future?

I have been reading Alexander McCall Smith's Isabel Dalhousie novels lately, and SHE has a garden fox, too! Will I get one if I move to Scotland, lol? :D


Though I am not so sure that your she-fox is very like Twinkle...

Though they probably both have the appealingly beseeching dark shiny eyes, and dear furry little muzzles.

Twinkle,after all, looks much better in a sweater. The fox, while darling, is not dapper enough to carry off the sweater as Twinkle does. ;)


but but but, is empty again...
can I plz have some more whales?


Thanks so much for the whale pattern! I love it very much. :-D


I have been looking around at your blog. You make wonderful things! Does it really work, the headphone whale? I am going crazy on my headphones, but I tried to solve it in another way. You can look at my blog :) (There is a Google translator.) I've linked to your blog. Hope it is OK.


Nice doggie! Love it.
Love the whale too :-)


What a pretty fox. I just happened on your blog completely by accident and I love all of your animals, they are adorable! Knitting seems to be so popular lately but I really prefer crochet. I think my favorites are the tree frog and the meerkat. Maybe I will get around to making these for my kids, they would be thrilled.


Great photos! Love your newest creation, too!


I love the idea of you having your very own garden Fox, she's a real beauty............. But twinkle? Well twinkle is a darling!


yeah, i agree, it is a cute fox but not twinkle, and i love the pattern, i will probably buy it soon

Christy M

A garden fox...sweet!
My oh my, Twinkle is a little 'Star'!


cute dog, look at the way she is looking at the camera

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Wonderful tutorial shared by you. I think my favorites are the frog and the meerkat. Maybe I will go do this for my children.

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