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February 26, 2009


Linda Alvarado

Frankly, I was surprised to find so many very groovy patterns on your website for free. I love your work! Others charge for patterns not nearly as fun and creative. I do not mind paying a reasonable price for things I love. Good work!


I love your free patterns, but I think you have already given the crafters of the world a generous amount of free and cuddly crochet cuteness! Start charging. It's work. It's your time. It's valuable. And, people will pay :)


Free patterns are great, but i a always willing to pay for something i like! And something tells me if your future patterns are anything like the one you have here on your blog i will be buying them all!


Fair's fair - you produce fantastic patterns and the ones you already have on your site are brilliant. I don't mind paying a bit for the ones I especially want! Like the whale...


Your work is gorgeous. I would be happy to pay for patterns!

chicago sarah

I am happy to pay for the patterns! What about a book? *nudge* I'll preorder some copies right now!


Definitely reasonable! Your patterns are fantastic - I want to learn to crochet just because of them! I would also buy a book *g*. And of course everyone likes free patterns now and again!


More resounding agreement here - I've been amazed that all your patterns have been free, especially some of the more detailed ones. They would absolutely be worth paying for.

And I'm so looking forward to the whale :)


I know how many work there's behind a pattern. Now it's time to gain some pennies from it. You worth them all!


I'm surprised you haven't charged thus far! I would love to pay you for your hard work, you deserve it!


The Terror Pins are fantastic - cute but with great personality! Good luck with the etsy sales too!


I would be willing to purchase patterns from you. You're an artist, and as such, your work is valuable. I agree with the rest- I'm surprised that you have offered so many wonderful patterns for free! Keep on designing!


Like everyone else, I've wondered why you didn't charge for your patterns, too.

And I'm glad you're putting together the Whale Earphone pattern - I lost my first pair just last week. :)


You are incredibly gifted and deserve to be recompensed for the amount of time and effort you put into your fantastically creative designs. I would not hesitate to pay for a pattern that I loved.... and I love most of them ;o)


just bought the pattern. hope that answers your question. :)


I think its extremely reasonable to want to be compensated for your time and effort in creating a pattern. Most designers I've seen online provide some free patterns and some for sale, which is nice, give a little freebie every once in a while, but you deserve to be compensated :o)


ah i sow wanted to make the glad some patterns are still free, i am a crocheter and your blog was my fav because its free.but although i am sad because im not allowed to buy patterns(im NOT saying why on the internet)i guess that your hard work should be paid for.


I have been thinking some of the same things myself; how it would be nice/good/fair/right to charge a bit for some designs I have made; but how can I when others who are better don't? It is very kind of you to have given any at all, and I think you should indeed begin charging. The terror pins pattern is very reasonably priced, and it is considerate of you to let your previously given patterns remain free.

Some people may not be able to make your things, or make fewer of them, at any rate, however. It may be astonishing to think that there are people who cannot spare $3.00, but with recent economy woes (in the US, at least) it is true.

I'm not saying it very well, but my point is that you should definitely charge if you feel like it, because it is fair and good, but don't feel that people don't like your work or are only taking advantage of you if they buy in smaller numbers than they DL'ed for free. It is a reflection on the state of the world, not the wonderfulness of your art.


It makes me a little sad to hear that your patterns won't be free anymore. I can't order stuff off the net, but I guess it's my loss. I'll still visit the blog to see the cute things you make though.


I have always been amazed to see your patterns were all free. Pattern writing is a lot of work and time, and even though I know it takes some confidence to start charging for them, I KNOW that it's everybody's gain in the end: Getting compensated for your work means you're getting more motivation to keep doing it well... To me it's not so much about money than about recognition as a designer. People around me never really took this "designing" thing very seriously but now when I tell them I actually sell hundreds of patterns they do. And that feels really great ... :-)
I love your whale pattern and will buy it soon... although I'm a bit put off by the fact that it's ONLY $3 ;-) After paying all the fees, that doesn't leave much in your pocket for such a cute and smart design.. :-)


To be honest, I have to say I'm pleased you're now selling your patterns. It's because of your encouragement a while back that I started selling my own, and I now know how designing and making the creation is only a small part of it. Writing it up, taking the photographs and putting it all together is very time consuming. Also, your work is very, very good indeed - exceptionally so. You've made available a huge number of wonderful patterns and I hope your Etsy shop is a success. To be honest, I'm a bit tired of seeing the same old patterns up there every week - about time we had something new!

good luck!


I've worked several of your patterns and they're all really well written. I usually pay for patterns, and I don't mind a reasonable price for something that I can make forever. :) It's a win/win!


I've been enjoying your site for a few months but have never written. I want to agree with those who have already said charging for your inventive patterns seems perfectly fair.

It's obvious to me how much time you take typing up the pattern and including photos of each stage. I've been quite touched by your generosity, creativity, and whimsy.

I'm very practical and feel I should only crochet things I will use. Your site got me past that pragmatism when I saw ART, not just trinkest to pile up on the closet.

Thank you, sincerely, for your exuberant and artsy work.


I too find your work wonderful - and amazing since you have not charged or asked to be compensated for them previously.

I think you deserve to be paid for your artwork - art is work - and I'm sure you have seen that others feel the same! : )


I know how much effort you put into each pattern so selling them is just a way to gain a little payback...which you deserve! The turtles and whale...just TOO CUTE!

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