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November 26, 2008



They are so cute:-) Thank you so much for charing the pattern.


Great site I just found :-)

But knitting mostly - I have no clue how to crochet a Magic Loop or were to find out how to - can any one help?


Totally cute!

I am wearing myself out making scarf/mitten sets for "everyone". Not to self: Must start holiday January.

Well, after all this, I think I'll have finally "earned my stripes" to try out one of your darling "3D" patterns such as this! Previously, I was thinking that making anything that isn't a flat square/rectangle was beyond daunting! Now, I'll have to move on from simple boredom!

BUT. I did get some darling yarn for my own scarf. he he.

Great pattern, as usual, and congrats on being published!


THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now to see if I can squeeze in a few sets before Christmas. If not, they would work well as Easter Basket fller.


I love Pass the Pig!! Found you via One Pretty Thing!


What a fabulous project! I can't wait to make these!

I'm the editor of the Creative Bliss Channel over at Blissfully Domestic and I'd love to have you join our team! If you're interested email me at sylvia{at}blissfullydomestic{dot}com



This is amazing! Really amazing! Thanks so much for this great gift! I feel like Christmas has arrived already! Thaaaaaanks!


Thank you! I have to do a family gift exchange and this will be perfect! I really prefer to give something handmade since its very difficult to purchase something worthwhile for under ten dollars. Plus, I have a bunch of odd and ends yarn that I can use for the basket. I am so looking forward to making several of these to share with my family. Thank you for sharing!

Tracy C.

Thank you so much for the pattern. I saw your piggies when you created them and thought they were so sweet. I have a friend who is ga ga over pigs and this will make the perfect gift for her. Thanks again.


So cute! I remember finding an adorable pattern by you in the past. I just found this pattern through I'm sure many, many are getting on a high of delight when they see it. Good job! Hope to have a fun excuse to make some time. :o)


I tried to subscribe to your postings, but every time, the window opens up with some flaw. Please sign me up! :o) Thanks!(Below is just a the first line of the failed window of "subscribe".



many many many thanks for the wonderful pattern. it's fantastic.


Thanks for this pattern! I've made one little piggy so far as a Christmas present and he's adorable.

Lynda Dean

Yet another triumph! Can't wait to have a go at these, we have little owls now for the piggies!

many thanks


I did not comment but saved the pattern. I want to make this for my sister who I use to play this game with all the time. It is wonderful. I am worried about making it because of it's size but I will let it be a challenge. Fun Game!


Hi, thanks for sharing! Can I post a link of your pattern in my blog?

Miss Muffin

I just found your site. These piggies are SO CUTE! I used to play this game as a kid but with the actual plastic game. This is so much cuter!!!! I think I will have to put this on my project list ... and hopefully finish it before next summer so we can take it with us on our vacation. Thanks so much for the instructions!!!

Miss Muffin


Holy CANOLI!!! I love the Pass The Piggies game pattern!!!!
Thank you so very much for posting it. It will make a great gift for friends!


So I'm here rather late I see. Thank you for this pattern & fun game... I think my grandchildren will enjoy it. However I've never played the game before & although you also included the points information I am unclear on how you Play "pass the piggies". Could you please explain the game to me?
Thank you.

jeanine perkins

Hello. I was wondering if I can buy your instructions to make your cyclops kitty. I fell in love with him. I went to your etsy store, but alas!! I could not find him (or her)!! Please let me know if I can buy the pattern or the finished item. I am a crocheter, so if it is crocheted, I would like the pattern. Thanks again!! Jeanine


Thank you, they are on my to-do-list. Adorable!!!


Awesome, thanks so much for this! I am also a huge fan of Pass the Pigs. =)


What a lovely pattern this is. How kind of you to make a free download of it.
My stephmother is very fond of pigs so I probably will make this for her.
Thank you very much!!

Hannah (The Netherlands)


You made my day by posting this pattern. My only issue is that I'm not great with crocheting but this pattern made me want to be.

Cora Shaw

This is adorable and I have printed it. I plan on crocheting this one as they are just the cutest!


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