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November 09, 2008



When I was little, this game was called Pigmania! And I had all the scores for every possible throw memorized. Double leaning jowler, impossible!! Makin' Bacon is what it was called when the two touched. Too funny, thanks for the memories!
Sara in Salt Lake (


Oh man, we used to play this game all the time, except ours was called "Pigmania". I might have to make this for my parents. Great job!


Oh heavens! I used to absolutely love that game! And my mom collects pigs, so it was always a big hit in our family. Your version is absolutely adorable! I wonder if you'll be writing up a pattern for this in the future?!


You make the cutest amigurumi I've ever seen!


I need that pattern. Please say you'll share it! :)


HAHAHA! That is just cracking me up. I've got a plastic set of pass the pigs which I've played with my son so your crochet version has really made me chortle this evening. I'll have to show him your blog page tomorrow as I bet he'll wet himself giggling.

Best. Game. Ever. (Well, it is if you're 6!).


AAHHH!!! I'm a pig fan and collector (one of my big weaknesses in life)...I LOVE THESE!!! SO CUTE!! SO CREATIVE!!


You constantly amaze me with your creativity and inventiveness. LOVE THE PIGS! I have a friend who loves pigs and parted w/her collection in lieu of her husband's firefighting collection. Of course, they are now divorced. I've been making it my personal quest to replenish her collection - I'm wondering if she's ever heard of this game. Great job!


must... have... pattern - i met a kid so obsessed with this game recently that they had worn all the paint off the pigs


So cute' ! I used to try and make all sorts of handmade gifts but I don't think it ever turned as professional-looking as this..
I might try again..
The piggies are so cute !


Makin' bacon was my favorite! This was one of my favorite games, but we never had it as a family. We used to play it at my friends house and at the library. LOVE this!


Oh, gosh, you are just brilliant. This is so amazing.

Sharon Carpenter

Can you make a pattern for these? i LOVE them. it's such a cute i dea, you are so talented!

Mary Alice

Do you have a pattern for you little piggies? Pigs have been my favorite animal since I was a little girl and I would love to make some!


LOVE IT!!! Pass the Pigs was one of my favorite games to play!! Please post or sell the pattern...I need it to make for a gag gift for my brother!! He always beat me!! lol


These are darling! If Christmas money would be a welcome thing, I daresay you would have it if you took orders for this game. Well done!


The piglets are so cute and you come up with the most creative ideas.


Love THIS! Will you be sharing the pattern?!?


This is one of the best ideas I have seen crocheted in a long long time!!!
If you make a book one day with your patterns in it, I am going to buy it no matter what

Holly in FL

My children just love to play this game! What a cute idea to make one!!


That's totally awesome!


I love the pigs and their container. I used to play that game with my own children. I,too, would like the pattern as I now have 7 grands and for the older children it would make a wonderful x-mas present.


This little game set is so adorable! I would love th be able to make my own. Thank you very much for all of your patterns and tips. I can't wait to try brushing some of my little critters! The acorn is sweet and will definately be a chirstmas gift!
Thank you!


Do you have a pattern for the piglets? If so, I'd love to have it, I want to make them!!!


Do you have a pattern for the piglets? If so, I'd love to have it, I want to make them!!!

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