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November 09, 2008


Mary Ellen

The two piggies side-by-each in the basket look loke a rosy little bum! I love these!


OMgoodness! those are the cuteest oinkers EVER!
Okay, now for my dunce cap question....How do you play the game?

Dawn Elizabeth

OH so freaking cute!!!! What a great idea for an old game!


I have no clue what that game is... do you throw the pigs like dice? lol. BUT they are adorable!!!


OMG I would pay a small fortune for the pattern for this! We love this game here at our house, have played it since what seems like the beginning of time and still have our original set. I would love to be able to make one to give to my daughter, she would adore it!


Oh my goodness! Those piglets are wonderful! I have loved Pass the Pigs since my dad bought a copy for me from a garage sale when I was 8.


This was one of my fave games to play at our cabin! Your version is so cute!


This is such a cool idea!! I used to love that game when I was a kid!


That is the most ADORABLE thing I have seen!! What a cute idea for kids! Uhh is that pattern coming? (hopes a mom of 3 who has no clue what to get her kids and really does not want to buy more junk)



Very cute. I never heard of this game either.


Cute piglets, Pass the Pigs was funny game.


SO cute!!! :D I loved this game as a kid. :)

Fuji Mama

HOW FUN!!! I LOVED this game as a kid and love that you have reinvented it.

The Crafty Cactus Lover

That is amazing! You are supremely talented. Seeing this has made me even more determined to do a handmade Christmas and to take extra care not to be my usual slapdash self. Thanks for the inspiration :)




What a brilliant idea!


What do you mean "this isn't the greatest game in the world" !?!!!???
You must be kidding ! This actually WAS the greatest game in the world untill you came up with YOUR version !
... And I'm still making mittens for Xmas gifts ... pfff


Wonderful - those piglets are sooooooo cute! And the game looks like such fun too! I'd love to make one for my DS and one for my brother, and my sisters, and ......

La Mañosa

Wow, I've never heard of this game but it looks like the perfect gift! I love the pigs and the card and the little box you made! Fantastic!


How adorable! Pass the Pigs is our favorite game to take camping with us-I don't know quite how that tradition got started. I hope you will consider offering the pattern for this.


That's genius!


That is too cute! My kids have that game.


I would love to be able to make these


And we played the first thing that came to our heads, and it just so happened to be: the best game in the world! It was the best game in the world!

(thanks for getting that very awesome song into my head today!)


Pure genius!

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