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October 28, 2008



He is SOOO cute! I jsut love your blog. I just came over via the owl eye mask which I *LOVE* and will be linking to. I'm also adding you to my Reader so I don't miss any more adorable!

Dawn Elizabeth

So cute, it almost has it's own personality!


You just continue to amaze me with this fabulous designs and creations of yours! I think the fennec fox is so adorable anyway and yours is equally cute!


Oh! When the page loaded I actually made a little squee noise! So cute and fluffy and fuzzy.


Awww, what a cute little face. So sweet.


Wow - now that's cute!






WOW! He is ADORABLE! Now I need to look them up for myself, I have never heard of them.


Oh my gosh! He reminds me of one of the newest kittens to grace my front porch! Sweet and cute with just a touch of a evil streak!


I agree that SQUEEE is the only noise that captures the gorgeousness of this little critter. Please can I have one... please.... pretty please with sugar on top?????


Too gorgeous!! Looking forward to your next creative bout!


Too cute! I think the last photo is my favorite!


My gosh that face is just adorable!


I'd say he's good enough to eat but that would be wronger than a wrong thing! He must not be eaten as he is too cute.

(sorry, I've changed by blog address again. I'm rubbish).


He is too cute! I want to squeeze him and love him to pieces! Just Adorable!


He's the cutest little guy I have ever seen. I'm madly in love & I want one. You got the likeness to perfection right down to the sweet fluffy head. Don't you just want to cuddle one all day long? If you ever sale one of these I'm buying it.


So cute. What a nice creation!


You are incredibly talented! Thank you for posting patterns on your site. Great job and keep it up!

chicago sarah

I love him. My kindergarten teacher used to tell us to "put on your fennec fox ears" when we needed to listen up. It was a standard instruction in our house!


awwww! Too cute!


I love him, love him, love him! You're so clever. :)


Could he be any more adorable? Our St. Louis Zoo has Fennec Foxes in our children's zoo and they are adorable in person as well. When my daughter was little she always thought they were the real-life version of the Pokemon "Evee".


adorable! found you thru sew mama sew. love all your creations-especially the flamingo!


You are amazingly talented! I will be trying out some of your patterns. If you do make a book...I would buy it in a flash. Thank you for sharing your gift and patterns with everyone!

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