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September 14, 2008



very cute :)


He's very cute! I look forward to seeing what else you make! Happy moving!


I think Falstaff is very cute. Good luck with your move. The garden sounds great.


I think he is darling! My hubby was looking over my shoulder and he thinks your robot is cute too!!!


He is adorable! He can come live with me and the Totoros;)


Haha! He's fabberoo. I love the expression on his face. He is ever so slightly Wall:E ish. I've just made EVE (and will post it up on my blog soon), so perhaps the two should meet and dance in space together with a fire hyrdrant!

My son is a Halloween nut, but unfortunately in our local Asda and Sainsbury they've got MASSES of halloween stuff already and it's only September. Taking a 5 year old shopping surrounded by all those goodies is hell, I tell you!

Good luck with the move. The apple blossom will look gorgeous in Spring. Pink or white, or don't you know yet?


He's adorable! I showed the pic to my hubby and he loves him too.


He is ADORABLE!! If you post the pattern, I'll be happy to make him an American penpal!!! (Probably more than 1, I have 2 nephews who would love hime!!)

Enjoy the new home, it sounds wonderful!

chicago sarah

Your hubby must've had a bad-judgement moment. Falstaff is gorgeous!

Mary Ellen

I think he's swell. I love how he's able toy show so much emotion with his posture.


Aww... I know it's "just" crochet, but the dejected little guy almost made me sad- please cheer the little fellow up, darling! Maybe a Falstaffette to keep him company? :)


I love Falstaff! He is so expressive!


Don't listen to him! This is the cutest robot ever!


He's adorable!!! And it made me feel sad that he feels dejected. Please tell him we all love him, maybe that will cheer him?
Happy moving!!!


Falstaff is the cutest. I love the dejected look. Congratulations on your new home. I can't wait to see pics of your garden.


Falstaff is perfect. He looks so sweet and then sad too. Bad other half for making him feel unwanted!

On another note, good luck with your move :-)


he is adorable! Nice work! I just realized I have your Amelia Bag pattern already on my list of to-dos. Thanks for sharing all your inspiring ideas!


Well she's entitled to her opinion I suppose but how can you resist those huuuuge eyes! Very cute imo!


This little bot is super sweet - a little like Number 5. Not sure how he is Halloweeny though?

I love the idea of doing a count down to Halloween - it's one of my favorite holidays. Perhaps you could do some of your beautiful creatures in Halloween costumes? Your tortoise could make a good ghost and perhaps some sort of devil costume for your beautiful tree frog?


The poor little robot....packing sucks...may it go quickly for you! Will you be in the same town/city? I hope it goes smoothly, as we all know it can go that way and then there's the Murphy's Law way...


aww, he's so sweet, I want to adopt him.


Aww... Love to crochet! Have u guys checked out Ana Paula Rimoli's blog yet?...
s' pretty cute


Aww... Love to crochet! Have u guys checked out Ana Paula Rimoli's blog yet?...
s' pretty cute


I think he is fabulous. Tell your husband Ppptttthhhhthththth *sticking out tongue* for me. How could he laugh at this wonderful robot? Poor little guy. I hope the has gotten over the insult to his cuteness by now.


U R INGENIOUS!!! Such personality in a robot - love it!

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