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September 26, 2008



gosh o gosh o gosh! Free patterns, YEAH! I love your babies........they have SUCH expression! Yes, we must have the little mouse pattern too.....and the frogs....and anything else.....

okay....I am done gushing. Now I can say with sincerity that I hope you are feeling much better. Eat Chicken soup. :-)


you are handing the frogs out as treats?

Right, that's it. I'm going to dress up in a ridiculous outfit, pretend to be 5 years old and head in a northerly direction!


super cute mouse! would love the pattern. the toads are great too. I really admire your work. Hope you feel better.


trick or treat! i'd love to get a little toad instead of candy!
I love your patterns!
the toads are soooo cute. i'm gong to have to make one or two or 10 or more!


I'm a newbie, and even the simplest things require patterns for me! I love the toads! What kind of yarn did you use on the mouse to make him so fuzzy? Angora or something?

La Mañosa

I think these are adorable! Thanks for being so generous with your patterns. Please do post one of the mouse, I'd love to try making him (or her?).


Awesome awesome toads! Can't wait to make some :) We usually only get a few trick or treaters so maybe I will make them to hand out or maybe for my sons class hmmmmmmm


Oh yes, lovin the mouse! and the toads. Too cute! Thanks for the patterns, you're a sweetie! Hope your feeling better...the flu...yuck, no fun at all.


Your Patterns are never to simple to share! That little mouse is just calling out o me! And i think my cat has also fallen in love with the photo! Please post the pattern if you have the time!


Ok, I try to post a comment in english (argh, I apologize for my approximate language): I read your posts regularly for now 8 months, and I have to say that your little crochet animals are the most beautiful, the lovelyest (?), the etc. (lack of vocabulary…). And thank you for the patterns (well, I've failed trying the little owl, but it's because I'm not gifted !).


I don't think the mouse is too simple...I think it's absolutely gorgeous!


Oh yes, I love these adorable Cuties...please post the mouse's so cute.....
Best wishes Silvia


oh yes!! a pattern....


Oh the froggies are so cute!
I have two little neighbour boys who don't like scary things so this would be so cute to make for them.
Thank you!
And your little mousie is sweet!


hi could you post a pattern for meijite rabbit you made awile back? he is just so sweet
thank you


Oooo I agree...the mouse is adorable and is begging for us to make him some friends!! And I love the froggies. I will join moominmama in a Halloween costume and swim across that pesky Atlantic Ocean for some treats!! :-)


Oh my! Sooooo cute!
Yes please on the mousey... so cute. We are a fam of rodent lovers. lol.
Thanks for your generosity!!
Take care,


the mouse is too cute!


The mouse could be part of instant crochetfication


The mouse sent my 13 yo into a little Squeeee. So cute!


I think they are both really sweet. Love 'em


I was sorry to hear about your bout with the flu! Moving and packing s***, plain and simple. I wish I lived in your neighborhood so I could "Trick or Treat" you, but alas I do not live near you and the restraining order is still in place (last I heard anyways)joke. As always you come up with the cutest things that I simply must have!


i owuld love a pattern for the mouse it is so cuteeeeeeee

Kristine Robbins

where do you get your eyes from?


eek! I would love to download your toad.pdf but it totally freezes my browser. Is your server going ribbit?

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