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May 05, 2008



every one of your creations seems to top the previous one! I love, love, love little bunny foo foo! how cute! And the photos are perfect! Just what I needed to brighten my day!


I LOVE THE BUNNY! So adorable and a beautiful job. I'm tempted to beg for a pattern. If you should post one I'd be thrilled. Wonderful! Wonderful!

Espita Gorgorita

Happy blogday!!! and good luck tomorrow (I voted for your softie... shhh...)


Foo Foo looks real enough to me. made in spring colors and hidden in the garden for spring -- how delightful!

Mandy Bee

Aww! How adorable! I love the cute little tail. :)


Your little bunny is very sweet indeed - do you ever run out of cute crochet ideas?

Loved your stories too. One of my favorites from a good friend is of how her husband convinced her that they had no trees in Scotland as they had to burn them all to keep warm!

Kate Watson

I too love the bunny and also voted for your wonderful little softy!

Espita Gorgorita

Congratulations!!! You are the cutest!!!


OMG! Soooo cute! I would love to see a pattern so I can try to make one!

Lindsay Hall

I love 'little bunny foo foo' and if I had a bum like hers I would shake my booty too.... though getting me singing that nursery song again is driving me mad! :-)

My sister's boyfriend (they were both in the USA, as my sister stayed with my dad when my parents divorced,and mum and I came back to Scotland) once convinced her that some European countries were so small that they carpeted the entire country using indoor/outdoor carpetting!:-)


I'm so in love with this little bunny!! I'd even buy the pattern. :)

I love your tutorial for "fur" too. I did the same thing with a slicker brush on a baby blanket I made a few years ago. In hindsight, it was probably not the brightest thing for a baby blanket, but darned if it wasn't just super soft.

Keep up the cool softie work!!


I love the bunny foo foo!! Please please please post a pattern. My daughter LOVES "bunn-ays". :)
I love all of your crochet animals they are so amazing! And thank you for sharing all of your patterns!
I can't wait to ma ke an acorn! I made the tree frog as a gift for my son's teacher, she LOVED it!! :)
Thanks so much!


It's so cute. I love this bunny


i absolutely love the bunny!! could u post the pattern for it? thx!


I made a blue bunny. They are sooooo addicting! If you crochet the ears super long, the bunny gets another layer of cuteness!

Karethe from Norway

The bunny is so amazingly cute! Please post the pattern or put it up for sale? I finally learned how to crotchet and would love to buy the pattern for the bunny; its my favorite amigurumi yet, and i've been looking for patterns and ideas for ages ^^
Please please please post the pattern? 0:D

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it's so cute!

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