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April 10, 2008



Your dog is so cute, a collapsed trachea sounds serious! I love birds. The really cool ones don't come till summer here!


I did not realize that Twinkle was sick. he is so adorable. Brush him out and send over the fluff. I'll spin him into yarn for you. Give him a hug from Raggs!


There's the intrepid Twinks! What a darling face he has. Great pix, too. Sorry to hear about the collapsing trachea. That's associated with 'reverse sneezing,' which my dog has. We also use fun distractions to end the episodes. Have found that our grrl is allergic to faux whipped cream, which triggers these spells, so none for her. Hate to think it, but wonder if avoiding mucus-producing foods (dairy or cheese--perish the thought!), as some web sites recommend, might help. He sounds better already, though. May be that his recent adventures provided more than the usual excitment and that he will relax as he settles in. He has a lovely new home and a happier Mum, from the sound of it. Breathe easy, Twinkle. Thanks for the 'pupdate,' Brie.

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