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January 14, 2008


Crafty Carolinagirl

Love the Manta Ray pattern. I can't wait to give it a try!

Your little granny square turtle is adorable too.


Oh I love your little tortoise!

bethany actually

Awww, the tortoise is adorable. :-)


Tortoises are amazing!


So cute!


I hate the turtle. No, KIDDING! I love the turtle! Your best work yet, but then I am biased. :-D Greece is amazing, I never saw turtles there though, bummer.


Thanks again for sharing! You have such a knack for creatures. Are you ever going to publish your collection?

Karen B.

I just found your site from visiting Bella Dia. She had made some owls from your pattern. I am impressed with the variety of creatures you are able to design - and all so cute, too. My mother and second daughter both collect owls, so I will be trying your pattern, too. Thank you for sharing.
Karen B.


Aah! I've fallen in love with your tortoise! Vegetarian, great smile, single(?) Unfortunately I'm a human and it's a stuffie. <3 <3 <3


So super cute Brie! My sister would beg for one if she saw it. Mwah ha ha- good thing she's only in baby mode right now!


So super cute Brie! My sister would beg for one if she saw it. Mwah ha ha- good thing she's only in baby mode right now!


The turtle is really cute. Thank you for the manta ray pattern. Can't wait to try it.


I'm a knitter who has been wanting to learn to crochet forever. I have decided I have to learn as soon as possible just to make your wonderful meerkat. I saw the picture of him on Craftster and then looked for your blog.

I wondered if you will be doing a giraffe pattern, he is lovely too!

You should totally charge for your patterns. They are amazing!



I am in love with the tortoise. And it turns out that not only am I engaged, I'm gonna have to fight Tracy for him. :) I would pay a lot of money for that pattern (well, up to $5-$8). Seriously.


are you aware that you're a genius?

i've been idly perusing the crochetville forum and checking out the amigurumi patterns (im trying my hand at crocheting) when i came upon a comment referring to a pomeranian pattern. being pretty much of a dog lover, i clicked on the link, which led me to your absolutely amazing blog.

you. are. a. genius. sorry, i just cant help saying it over and over again.

and btw, i love those little references to daphne du maurier, miss marple... and that entry bout that century-old book was real nice. i'm sure that book had a very interesting past.

your blog is a reflection of the gem of a person that you are. keep up the great work! :-)


You are so awesome! Thanks for the Ray pattern - I can't wait to try it. And the little tortoise is sooo cute! AND I commend you for getting to know where your food comes from! (I'm a vegetarian and it's still important, I think, to know how my food gets to me.)
I love hearing about the places you have been. Here in the states I hate that it is so $$ to get anywhere. We are hoping to plan a trip to Mexico this year but... I'm not holding my breath. lol. You know there are people here who have never left this state? Sad but true.
Again, thanks for you generosity!


Your turtle is so adorable!


this tortoise is great. my daughter saw it and now is begging for one. she is a tortoise/turtle fan! your work (as always) is inspirational. keep going.


Your tortoise is so adorable! Please please post a pattern, I would love to try my hand at it. You are such a talented designer, thank you for sharing your creations!


Hi there, I have just found your blog, its unreal, you should be so proud of the work you do its beautiful. I was wondering if yoou had a pattern of the ray that i could have pretty please, I see so many girly things but I never come across something that I could make for my little boy.

I will be reading your blog all the time now.


Sorry I was so busy, looking at the owls that I missed the pattern for the ray, lol Im a goose.



That turtle is freakin awesome. I love the expression on his face. He's just screaming to be played with. Aww.


Debora Alves

Loved your website!
Thank you so much for the patterns (I'll try to make de owlet now).
Congratulations. You make beautiful pieces.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Debora (Brasil)


I am a turtle lover and have been for a long time. This is probably the cutest, most expressive crocheted turtle I have ever seen. I LOVE him!!! Total cutie!!!


This is unbelievable! You are amazing! I hope you'll share the pattern with us -- I'd love trying to make this li'l guy. Where do you find your safety eyes, BTW? Is there a good website where you can buy them?

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