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January 26, 2008



I love your penguin, with his big eyes and beautiful colouring! It was worth all the effort you put in :)


SSSSOOOOOOO ADORABLE! If the recipiant is on drugs and doesnt like him you can always send him to me he would be loved very much! You did an amazing job!


perfect little penguin!!! I was also inspired by Marion's artwork, the little hedgehog? in the top right corner of the art page!!!


I love the penguin. You did a fantastic job with him! Thanks too for the links.

Sarah Rose

I love your little penguin, he's so fluffy and cute, as with the rest of your creations! I'm going to have to try find some of that funky yarn to crochet with :)

Thanks for you compliments on my bears, it's also nice to see a fellow UK crafter! Sarah :)


Too beautiful! As is all your work. Please please please post your pattern for the hedgehog also.

Colleen (Silly Panda)

Hey, I see your penguin's a featured project on craftster! Congrats!


Your creations never fail to admaze me! THis guy is wonderful. I will go and check out Marian's web site and see if I couild help. Hope you could enjoy your weekend. look forward with anticipation on your next creature.


that penguin is soooo adorable,
and you are right,
he has many "human" qualities...
too cute.

and thanks for sharing that link
about marian...


What a sweetie you've created! He's adorable! All your hard work paid off big time :)


WOW! He is so life like. How tall is the penguin?


Another beautiful, creative creation. Your animals are very realistic and can inspire to take care of our environment.


Another beautiful, creative creation. Your animals are very realistic and can inspire to take care of our environment.


Oh, my goodness he's cute! I love the way you work with the fuzziness of the yarns.
Do you have any plans to release a pattern for this wee one?

Lil' d

Wow, that penguin is perfect.


You are SERIOUSLY talented!! Your animals are particularly fetching. Keep up the good work...


It´s cuuuute. My oldesd looked on my screen and said Oh a pingu baby it´s soooooooo cuuuuttee

violettte georges

tous les animaux sont magnifiques mais j'ai une préférence pour le pingouin félicitations violette

violette georges

vos animaux sont superbes mais j'ai une préférence pour lepingouin, mes compliments amitiés violette

air jordans

The Antarctic penguins are dying, we will go to save it

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