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January 22, 2008



Not bad...normal! :)

Mary Ellen

I'm a fiber freak. I don't stop at just touching the fiber...I also sniff it. I should seek help.


I read Never Let Me Go several years ago and loved it, although it still haunts me. The whole premise reminded me of some of Margaret Atwood's darker plots (she is one of my favorites). I can't wait to make the manta ray for my little guy. Maybe a Valentine's gift.


I have a problem of 'over crafting' also. But there is a logic to it. I have something for by the fire with more detail to it. Something for watching movies with that is easier. Then the travel project that is easy to take places and the project that goes with a cup of tea/coffee and talking with a friend. Of course there is the last night beside the bed project. They all seem to get done. Just not in a timely fashion. But I enjoy myself when I work on each project. SO I guess it works for me. Take heart in knowing that there are more of us 'over crafter' out there to talk with. (and get more ideas from)


I'm about to risk sounding like a gushing admirer, but I can't help it. I just found you through Ravelry, from your little owl pattern to be exact. I can not believe how cute your creations are! And the patterns are free?!?! I will sit my little but down and learn crochet if it means I can make the owl, and the robin, and the turtle.....


Your patterns are so cute! And your little penguin is so adorable. I love the icy vs. tropical backgrounds. Fantastic work!


I just discovered your blog and love your work, but I really wanted to tell you about Newfies. We've always had them in my family, and they really don't need much space at all.

Both the Newfies we had were really kind of lazy lumps that looked more like bear rugs than anything else. We lived in a big house with a large-ish yard, and they never used any of it. All they ever want is to be around people, and they're the best dogs in the whole world. If you want a big dog but don't have a lot of space, Newfoundlands are for you.

Plus, there are a lot of rescue associations for them where you can find adorable dogs that will love you no matter what they've been through.

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