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January 09, 2008



The little snowball with the stocking cap is absolutely adorable.
I found your site a few months ago and I check in every once in awhile to see what you have going on. I love looking at the great things you make. They make me smile.


I signed my support for Chicken Out after seeing the programme, but I've always avoided battery chicken anyway. If nothing else, it LOOKS pasty and unsavoury.

Agree that he didn't make more of the supply and demand issue. It might have cut more ice with those who complain about the cost. Personally, I find organic chicken way too expensive, but if free range is in the shop, I'll buy it. If it isn't, I won't buy the hideous alternative. And we eat too much meat anyway - a veggie day or a fish day is also a good option.

GAH! I should be talking about fluffy toys!

Knit Nurse

I made a similar observation as Moominmama at another blog yesterday; when I was a kid we couldn't afford meat on a regular basis, so my mum made what we could afford go further, and we had alternatives such as soya mince and veggie meals. We don't need to eat meat every day, and we shouldn't expect it as our right if it means we have to condemn any living thing to such dreadful lives.

love your manta ray, by the way!


I'm glad to read your blog and the comments made here by others. I live as much as I can off the grid. My daughter gave me a book 'The Animal Contract' by Desmond morris. It is a good read as it follows what you wrote about and gets further into the subject. I wish everyone a healthy new year!


I was pleasantly surprised on doing my weekly shop today to find the shelves virtually empty of free range and organic chicken, and fully stocked with battery - it wrecked my plans for dinner, but it seems Hugh's message is getting through!


eep! hello! it's me, comfits! i didn't realize you also had a typepad. i added you to my list cuz i just loves your stuffs :]

i was excited to find the pattern for that froggie, too. ooo! i'm so happy! i hope i will find time to make him soon. and the pom! he's so adorable. i got to see my pom a few weekends ago. he's so sweet. his name is jinkies & he lives at my in-laws now.

okie dokie. just wanted to pop over and say howdy ;]

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