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December 07, 2007



How do you come up with these great ideas? These three guys are wonderful. They remind me of the family that is up at night over here. You just want to cuddle up with them. It looks like you enjoy making them.


What a hoot! These are soooo cute!


Very very cute!!!! :D


AWWWW, How cute!!!!


Oh my, how sweet are these! LOVE your crocheted owls.


please post your pattern. These guys are AWESOME.


Your owls are just too sweet! I love owls. Thanks so much for putting a link to my lemon curd. I had a chance to make it again over the weekend and it was well received. Yum!


I had a last minute rush for the PTA stall last night and these owls were a godsend. I knocked two up in an evening. I used standard acrylic yarn (two strands on a 4mm needle) and some short eyelash for the contrast. One was salmon pink with sparkly white/gold contrast (not as bad as it sounds, honest!), and one was lincoln green with aquamarine contrast. My son absolutely loved them on the spot and when I brought them in to school this morning the kids went absolutely bonkers for them! Thank you SO much for the pattern. It has contributed towards my son's primary school and will help pay for books, or musical instruments, or something wonderful for tiny minds.


LOL @ monika 'hoot'!! they are just adorable, truely. love them to pieces. oh and nice blog as well. =) byeee! (you are added to my 'cache')


SO cute!! Thanks for sharing the pattern!!


Ooops, that last comment was me. I'm afraid my darling daughter has been messing with my computer!

amanda t.

I love your blog! i found it just in time for christmas and i crafted the owlys and mask. you can see them at my blog if you want. thank you so much for sharing your patterns!


Thanks for posting the pattern for the owlets. My daughter created her first amigurumi using your pattern with some help from me.


Ooooooooooh, very, very sweet!!!

purple petunia

hmmm....I saw where you promised hedgehogs...


darling blog. and so generous with your patterns.


Hi there:
thanks for sharing these cute patterns, i love the site! is there any way you can re-post the instructions for the owlets? when i download them, the images show fine but the actual pattern instructions come up as little squares. (i've tried it on 2 computers).

thank you so much!


Hi! I was looking for a flat owl crochet pattern to stitch onto a hat and came across these cute little guys! I can't wait to go home today and make them. I will definitely keep an eye on your blog!


I love all your patterns, they are wonderful. I already made an owlet. I had to improvise and crochet an "eyepiece" as the safety eyes I had were too small and I had to finish him now! You know how it gets, LOL.

My DD adores him and has named him Hoot.


Hello fellow crafter at Roman Sock!

I am e-mailing to you because I'm a crafty witch for The Leaky Cauldron, working in the Harry Potter Crafts section, which you can see here:

As you can see, we are posting tutorials and pictures for all sorts of Harry Potter Crafts there, and I was wondering if you would allow me to use tutorials and pictures of the "Crocheted Owlets" pattern posted I would identify the pictures and tutorials as having been created by you. There are also 2 long paragraphs on the front page of the crafts section explaining visitors that they should use the patterns they see on the website for their personal use and not to sell them, as the designers are the only ones who own the copyrights to those items. There is also a copyright sign right by your name on the page of a particular item. Last but not least, you will notice that the credits at the bottom of each crafts mentions a source, so in your case, it would say that your tutorial was taken with permission from "" and we would include a link to your website there.

The Leaky Cauldron easily gets between 70,000 and 1,000,000 hits per month. I believe letting us add your patterns and pictures there would increase your visibility too. And of course, it would enable thousands of crafters all around the world to make wonderful crafts like yours!

Hoping to post your creations soon!

Rosemary Waits / Quietish
Leaky Cauldron Crafty Witch


Hi there I'm a handspinner and I'm going to make am owl from a local sheep and give it to the farmer, so that it can roost on his windowpane.


Tank you for the owl.
go see mail art with them


I made this! But it changed part way through. Where do you get the eyes?

I posted picks here!

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