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November 07, 2007



You're so nice!


The little elephant is so cute. I can not wait to try it. Thank you for the pattern.

Tracy J

I love your Kissmas Meerkat. You are so talented. Thank you for taking the time to write and share you wonderful patterns. I want to tickle the elephant's ears and go "kootchie-koo!"

Kelly (10 feet high)

Oh he's adorable, I have to make it. Thanks for the pattern!


Okay, this little elephant is absolutely ADORABLE! Your creativity awes me--so far I've only been able to create monsters, heh.


So glad for the change update. I was trying the pattern very, very, very late last night--and I thought it was me. So I put him up. I will go try it again. Thank you.
What is etsy? I am not familiar with it? How is it different from ebay? Thanks.


Your Little Kissmas Meerkat is still a winner in my book. =D You should definitely set up an Etsy shop, I wish you the best.

That photo of the sunset is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I was there to see it, hehe.


Oh my, I love meercat manner, don't you? I love the meercats, am trying your pattern out today. I also adore the frog, so, so very adorable. Where did you get all this talent? How on earth does one get commision for our little addiction, ((yarn))? Sign me up for that one. I love putting little crocheted things on top of Christmas gifts.. you have given me so many good ideas! Many thanks from me to you. Thimble


The elephant is sooo cute! :o) I just had to make him... although being only my second amigurmi project (and my not having crochetted in many years before this week) it took rather longer than an hour... more like 4!! :o)
It is a very good pattern, and I suspect I'll be making more of him for friends soon! :o)


Too cute! Wow! Thanks so much for giving the patterns out to us. I hope to do them in the near future. But your animals don't even look crochet, but almost real. How'd you do that? :o)

I also tried to subscribe to your send-out, but it wouldn't let me. Please sign me up if possible.

Encore to you. :o)


Thank you for the really cute elephant pattern!!! My kids (5, 7 years old) love them!!!



I used the baby elephant pattern to make a herd of 5! Using the tune to 5 Little Speckled Frogs...
"5 Little elephants
Set off to have some fun
Eating the most delicious buns, yum yum.
One jumped up very high
Flew off into the sky!
Then there were 4 el-e-phants!"
Thank you!


I'm sorry, but I just don't understand what to do in round 4. I keep getting 28 stitches instead of 29 :(

Please tell me what we're supposed to do for round 4!

Eugene Caul

I like your crocheted elephant! How did you make those? I also want to learn how to make them for my little bean. And also, what a lovely sunset that is! It's nice to work your stuff most especially, while you're looking at a beautiful scenery like this.


I'm more of a knitter than a crocheter, but I'm trying to learn both. Is this a good pattern for a beginner?

Melbourne Roof Restoration

This week I have made and frogged a strange mitten, several odd bags, and some hideously misshapen creatures..

Betty Perez

I agree with the previous comments, the elephant is the cutest! I am planning to make some with my kids so that we can have things to do every weekend aside from computer games.

its very intereinsting blog thanx you for share that post i love your blog thanx

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