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November 28, 2007



Hi! I would love to be put in the drawing for the PIF item. :) I would love one of your bird amigurumis if I am chosen. I found your blog via craftster and the post about the robin. So cute! :)


And I'll be asking for your address to ship a card to you. I think that this is a fun idea and I enjoy card swaps. :)

Nice to 'meet' you!

Pepper Pup

I want your crochet cat, a good sized polor bear that I can snuggle with and a crochet black miniature schnauzer and a blonde cocker spanial (I maybe can send pictures of them if I get picked). I would like to have the patterns too if you can because I might make more (not to sell). I will make the robin for all the women in my family. If I get the pattern for the polor bear, I will make one for my new cuz, who my cousins adopted from china. He comes during spring break to visit. They live somewhere in england, not sure where exactly. I would make one of the cocker spainals for a friend of the family who is very generous and just lost his cocker recently. I own the miniature schnauzer and she is the love and joy of my life. I just think the cat is so cute, and I picked out the purrrrfect yarn to make one because it reminded me so much of my old cats boots and lilly. If I do get picked I will take the polor bear and pick out some matching pjs and socks (I love Polor Bears, tear, too bad about the going extenct thing, more tears). I will try to send a card if I have time (I have a BIG list of things I need to do, plus I only get like 2 hours a day to myself). I hope I get picked!

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m mmm mmm eeeee !
mm mm m e e !
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m m m e e
m m m eeeee !

Pepper Pup

Sorry for the above, it didn't put in the spaces! It was suppose to spell out pick me! in the letters/symbole of pick me! tee hee hee. thanks


You're amazing. So generous.

Happy holidays!



I was excited to find your site the other day. You have great style! If I'm picked in your "pay it forward" campaign I would love one of your adorable little pomeranians. I do a fair amount of amigurumi myself and you are totally inspiring me to try my hand at using furry/fuzzy yarns.

If picked, inspired by your marvelous instruction, I will make some furry/fuzzy things to pass on to three others.

Love, Kara


I love your style! I came here from ravelry. Amazed on the detail that you put into your pieces. I'd like to be in the running for your pay it forward deal. Uh-oh my imagination? Anything "Flight of the Conchords" related if your up to it? Or any one of your previous art pieces. I could never choose. =)

Sending you an email for the card swap. ::Neato::



What an excellent idea. I would certainly enjoy making three gifts to pass on to friends, instead of the made to order stuff I'm currently inundated with!

If I get picked, anything will do. I love them all.

half baked

Love the pay it forward idea! I did it for a customer at work today and they looked at me like I had lobsters coming out of my ears! It was nice to say "Happy Holidays" and actually mean it. If chosen, surprise me. I'm sure I'd love anything you could create.


What a GREAT idea!!! I love the whole 'pay it forward' thing!!!


Oh my gosh, I think you have done what no one else has been able to do---get me into the Christmas spirit. The big joke in my house is "What does Scrooge look like?" and they show a picture of me. I dread fighting the traffic, the crowds, the rude people, and the long lines in order to try to get the perfect gift for everyone---which I think is impossible. And yesterday it happened---I knocked the Christmas tree over. Due to lack of space, we have tucked our little tree in next to some cabinets. Well I was digging in the cabinets and yes I accidently bumped the tree and the ornaments went flying and the lights on the tree were being stretching. My little angel on the top of the tree fell off and her wings popped off---but it appears I can fix her. I spent the better part of the afternoon fixing the tree again. But to my dismay, that night when we turned on the lights--yes, now a strand of lights has gone out. I still have not got up the energy to work on that yet. Maybe this weekend I can work on the lights.

Well, if I am picked I would love a meerkat. But I know this is a large project---and I would be very happy with any little animal. I love all animals.

Thank you,


What a wonderful traditon to do for the holiday season....!

I alway believe that Christmas is a time for "young-at-heart" and I love making things for children. When you see their eyes light up and enjoy the joy of the lighten my heart.

This year is a troubled time for all families and any little joy I can spread to them is well received.

Being as I am a "senior" crafter and love crocheting....I think your red robin and frog patterns are the best I have ever seen.

Keep up the good work and have a Happy Holidays!

Thank you,
Redbird_Lane (Pat)


I just found this site last night. Sitting by the fire, I fell in love with your elephant and robin.
I have a ranch full of alpacas. I am in the fiber business and make many items. Usually I end up giving them away to people in passing in hopes that they get enjoyment from a long forgoten skill - handmade! Your suggestion of passing it on is great! From cards to items to smiles. Thanks for giving me more hope in humanity. For those who might wish for an alpaca item - contact me at I will see what I could send.


love the new header!


Just wanted to let you know I mailed your card last week sometime. I have no idea how long it will take to reach you, but I hope very soon! :)

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