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October 04, 2007



YOU ROCK!!!!! You have an amazing talent with these 'fuzzy' animals!!!! I am in awe!!


Another great pattern! You deserve a holiday after putting all that together :)


You are so cool for sharing this!


This is extremely cute! Thanks so much for posting it!!!!!

And free, no less. You are a genius with the crochet hook. I love your little puppy too.



Those are so cute! Yes i think you should make the all family! hehehehe


Thank you so much for taking the time to write out this pattern. And also for giving it out free! I can't wait to get started on one of these cute little animals.



I love everything you make!!!!

Your meerkats are so cool!

You did a fantastic job on them!



I just posted the link to your site to my threadanimals yahoo group. There are over 1000 members so I hope you get a lot of hits. I just love the meer kat pattern.
love, deBBie


My daughter Natasha says: I love that!!!! You should sell them!!



How cute!

I'm a huge fan of a show called Meerkat Manor, on Animal Planet! These would be awesome to make! I'd love to make my own Flower doll... in memory of her.

Thank you so much for making such an awesome pattern! :D


Just love your Meerkats, they are a favorite of mine also, especially Flower. I am in the USA and have never heard of a crochet 'magic circle', please, could you explain it too me? I do want to make several of these cute critters. Thnak You for the free patterns, Elizabeth in the USA

Christine Harvey

That is SO wonderful. There aren't the right words to say how cute they are! And thanks for making the pattern free... though with talent like that you could easily have your own book and I would buy it :) Maybe a crochet version of Meerkat Manor?


I've been having problems accessing this (my problem not yours) and I'm really pleased I've got it now. It's a great pattern, and you've done such a brilliant job of writing it up with all the in-progress photos. You are extremely talented and generous! Thank you!


I really, really, REALLY think you should use the photos of your meerkats along with the quotes you've written and throw them onto I can think of several people who would order T-Shirts with these guys on them!


Thankyou for sharing this awesome pattern.


These are really adorable!


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful pattern and show you my meerkat. He's so soft and cute! I love him! Thanks again for the free tutorial!
~Melisa :)


I love all Your critters, the meerkat has really melted my heart!!! You are an incredible inspiration to All who crochet and write patterns!!!! I am in awe of Your amazing talent!!!! Thank You so much for sharing Your talent and adorable patterns with Us!!!! Especially the Meerkat! hugs jeni

Becky A Mathews

I would like to get on your e-mailing list, but I don't know how. I love you babys. You talk about patons spirit. Iwould like to know how to get it.


You are definitely one talented person! Luv the Meerkats to and thank you for posting your patterns.

Joanie B

Would love the pattern for the monkey. thanks for sharing.


I have seen some cute crochet animals....but THESE take the CAKE!


So very cute. I'm a little afraid to crochet with mohair but I must make a meerkat! You're so sweet to share your pattern, too. Thanks!


Those are so adorable! What a great talent you have.


The meerkats are amazing!!!!

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