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October 27, 2007



OMG!! Is it felted? Either way, it's soooooo cooooool!!!!!!


You continue to amaze me. He is absolutely gorgeous. Wow, you've lived in Africa before? Must have been an adventure.


OMG!!!!!!!your creations are sooooo wonderful!And when I found your pattern of the meerkats I screamed so loud my husband thought I had been stung by a bee or something!LOL thank thank thank you for sharing and love everything you make.totally gorgeous!many greetings from holland Dees
PS you will probably love this aswell:


That's an amazing giraffe! I've never seen one like this before. Can't imagine what it was like to grow up around these guys. The closest I have come is a brief encounter with a fox in my back yard.


Can i say it again?
OMG, that is so incredible cute!
What a beautiful job, those legs must have given you such a hard job! But it is very cute realy.


It's Wonderful!Counld you please post a tutorial. i keep checking and hoping.


He's beautiful and oozes charm!

Tracy J

I cannot stop grinning back at computer screen. Silly giraffe loping about, lolling his tongue out in the forest. I love his little stick-outty ears and the handstitched spots.


My son loves giraffes. Your creation is absolutely adorable!!
What a blessing to have so much imagination and talent! Thanks for sharing!


I was just led here from Ravelry by the Tree Frog. I can't believe it! I just couldn't decide which creature was the cutest: the Frog, no, the Meerkats! The Robin or the Heghogitis. Whoa, wait, the blue-eyed Sheep! And then I saw the Giraffe.
The Giraffe, yes, the Giraffe is clearly the winner!!!
Love it!


I would love to buy a pattern for him. My mother lived in Africa for a few years and her favorite animal is the giraffe. I would love to make him for her!


I too would love to buy the pattern from you if you ever decide to make and sell it ^_~

he is very beautiful


I love this pattern. I would love to make it! Is it on sale?


My 3 year-old daughter is absolutely obsessed with giraffes. We have never figured out why, but there could be worse obsessions, I guess. Anyway, this is DARLING!!!


I'm working on a peace frog for the TikkunTree (peace) project, planning to "paint" an extinct Israeli-Palestinian frog, much like your giraffe is spotted. Can you share a bit of information about how you did it? From the top or intarsia? etc.

Lindsay Sasseville

OMGosh!!! I neeeeed this love giraffes my whole living room is filled with them!!!! let us know when a pattern is available!!!!

Kit McFadden

Your patterns are so fun!!!! I love to make stuffed toys, but my imagination is quite as developed as yours. I would love to try them all. Please let me know when they are available. Thanks, Kit


Food for thought - We recently went to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah and saw giraffes and oodles of info on them....I didnt know this but their tongues are.....BLUE!! OMG!! They are blue to keep them from being sunburned! Amazing!! Your giraffe is adorable!! as are all of your creatures!!


Are you making a pattern for this? He is absolutely adorable and I would love to purchase the pattern if that is possible.


Where is the pattern for this guy? I love him!


Excellent.... I would like to have this pattern too... Is it possible?

ce ce ney

love it love it love it but i think this poor guy must be sick because his tongue is all red! typically their tongues are black.

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